Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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“A Comprehensive Tool To Track Saas Trials And Drive Conversions!”

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Description : OnboardFlow extensively monitors SaaS trials and lets you send targeted emails to increase conversions.

OnboardFlow uses a powerful JavaScript tracker with a direct Stripe integration (with more payment providers coming soon!).

This allows for highly-accurate data on your trials while simultaneously reporting what your trial users are doing when using your product.

You can define which key events and metrics you want to track, including important pages visited or activities performed in your product.

OnboardFlow will also recommend metrics later and provide insights with the data collected.

Get an inside look at user activity and engagement!

Analysis is broken down into attractive visualizations on the Dashboard.

You’ll see new trials, active trials, and conversion rates, plus more detailed information on trial activity unique to your product (such as averages for installs, number of tasks created, or number of projects).

You can even see comparisons between existing averages and the average statistics of people who convert to get a solid outline of what a successful trial looks like.

The Dashboard shows you sharp visualizations of important metrics for an informative overview.

The Trials CRM is where you’ll find specific metrics for what individual trial users are doing.

Like your options at Chipotle, metrics are totally customizable based on your product.

Find out if customers have added a credit card, created tasks, been active recently, and other metrics you’ve previously defined.

It’s all separated into three columns: Onboarding, Expired, and Converted. That way, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view on where your trials are in the conversion process.

You can even use the Insights function to track the exact point in the trial process where customers have decided to upgrade.

Track individual customers across the trial process based on customizable metrics!

OnboardFlow also has a built-in emailing function that allows you to transform all of this information and insight data into hyper-targeted messaging to help you engage with your trials when it matters the most.

You can easily create triggers for segmented, automated emails—so that you can do things like notify users when they’ve created a certain number of tasks, or send reminders to users who haven’t yet completed setup.

These highly targeted messages will give your users the extra nudge to convert, and you can even send individual emails to create that personal, hand-delivered touch.

Send automated messages based on unique criteria specific to your product!

Passing out freebies is a great way to get your brand out there (the best pens are the ones you don’t pay for and from a doctor’s office).

But don’t hinder your business because you can’t transform trials into conversions.

OnboardFlow ensures that you’re doing everything possible to keep ‘em coming back for more.

Get lifetime access today!

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