Saturday, July 18, 2020

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“Are You Ready To Call In The Cash With Ease, Fun And Flow And Finally Become The Wealthy Woman You Know You’re Meant To Be?”

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Description : Absolutely! You can use this for your own personal use to help you fast-track a business project or task. You’ll save so much time + energy by using all the items in the kit.

You can hand this step-by-step plan to your virtual assistant and she can follow the steps to help you in your business. You can edit and tweak this document with additional information your team may need, or you can even remove anything that doesn’t apply to your business.

Use this action plan to find out who your money is playing with when you send it out the door on its own. 

Use this worksheet to plan your success story – and put it into action. Choose strategies you want to implement and habits you want to create and use this as your Success Story blueprint.

Yes. You have permission to give this kit to your assistant and other team members to work on your business projects for you.

 Use this worksheet to perform a business audit. It will help you ensure your financial practices are in good shape and that you have good money maintenance habits.

See, making the TRUE wealth you deserve & desire starts with your mindset and spills all the way out into your business systems, processes and team.

Buy the Personal Version for Only $127!

(use this within your own personal company and with your team)

Using My “Calling in the Cash: The Wealthy Woman Mindset Formula & Daily Habits for a Million Dollar Business” You’ll Learn Everything You Need to Know About the Inner & Outer Workings of Becoming a Wealthy Woman with Ease, Fun, and Flow!

It takes nixing your negative beliefs and busting through your self-imposed limits for your life and your business.

1) Use the kit and document your own process along the way. Meaning…make notes about your aha’s, the things that came up for you, any challenges you had, what you did, your results.

But here’s the sweet part: All you have to do is customize the plan to your specific business goals and needs and hand it off to your assistant, confident she’ll know EXACTLY what to do the ENTIRE MONTH.

Use this checklist to ensure you’ve used the most powerful sales messaging in your landing pages and CTAs.

Many of the documents in this project kit come in .docx format so that you can customize them to your business needs, and add in any additional information you’d like to include.

Give this fill-in-the-blank report to your assistant at the completion of your project. It will give you a snapshot of your business after the new marketing plan has been implemented, what your assistant worked on, and what else she can do to help you clear your plate. She can share achieved results, any unexpected hurdles that came up and how she handled them, as well as any feedback she has.

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