Sunday, July 26, 2020

STORMERCE Coupon Discount Code @> $2 Off Promo Special Offer

“Let Me Hand You The Very Same Software I Use To Build Profitable eCom Stores In Minutes With Only A Few Clicks Of My Mouse!”

Just use this Stormerce Coupon Discount Code and for a limited time only save $2 on Stormerce from Ifiok Nkem. Details below…

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Description : With that being said, do yourself a favor and sign up for Storemerce today. And let’s build some profitable ecom stores together that will absolutely change your life. Go ahead and use the option below to get started and I’ll see you in the member’s area…

By having an average open rate of 85% or higher with messenger bots and up to 10X higher click through rates than email, you’re sure to increase engagement and profits using this bonus in your marketing

But… You’ve Got To Act Fast While The Opportunity Is Available.

Interested?  Read On For Details…

Plus you can also import your products from Shopify as well.  This way you can save on all those expensive fees and ditch the woocommerce fees too!

But even with all of that, you still have my no risk money back guarantee just in case you change your mind. So now there’s no possible way you can’t come out on top.

Another thing you definitely don’t want is not being able to get paid for products from your store due to a lack of payment options.  That’s why we’ve included just about every way to get paid with Storemerce.  This includes Stripe, Paypal, major credit cards, and even bank transfers.

Did you know that you can source products from Amazon and Ebay suppliers and make a profit?  Yep.  And with this option you’ll be able to snag low deals from both platforms and repackage them for profit on your own Storemerce store.

In this training, I pull back the curtain and show you ​how to send instant traffic to your product listings using cheap, underrated and vastly untapped methods.   These include platforms like ​BING SHOPPING & Google Shopping.  Once you’ve found a few winning products, you’ll see how to use this SUPER cheap traffic and turn it into HIGH-CONVERTING BUYERS who rave over your products!

While I’m not one for all the hype, I honestly and most sincerely believe that kind of trend is happening right now.  And to help you take advantage of it as quickly as possible, I’ve developed an amazing app to catapult you light years ahead of the competition.

With this tool, you can now add BOLD Text, Italicized, Underlined & More on FB and other social media platforms and make your post, comments, and ads stand out and capture people’s attention resulting in a HUGE boost in post engagement, leads, and sales.

If you’re selling items that have specifics like shoes, then you’ll definitely love this option.  By having custom attributes for your products, your customers can shop your store and buy the exact items they want without any fuss or hassle.

This saves you frustration on the customer service side of things while giving you the flexibility to sell any kind of product or service with Storemerce.

If you have a lot of products, trying to upload them all manually can be a serious pain.  That’s why you’ll love that Storemerce allows you to bulk import your products via a .csv or .xls file.

There are people that had Bitcoin when it was only $1 each.  Others who had a chance to buy Microsoft stock when it was cheap.  Same with Google and Yahoo.

Today, those people are regretting their decision to not take advantage of those opportunities when they were presented to them.  And while they couldn’t have known that any of the above were going to be ultra successful, it’s not the same with ecom.

You already know that ecom is profitable and the current pandemic has pushed ecom profits even higher.  And by economies being majorly affected with the current crisis, that only means that online shopping will continue to increase.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100% automated?

(Details in the member’s area…)

While you might use paid ads or even your email list to make sales, it’s always helpful when your products can be found in the search engines too.  Storemerce helps you do that by giving you the ability to add meta description, title, and keywords for each and every product.

This way your products show up and rank in the search engines exactly the way you want them to.

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