Wednesday, July 22, 2020

OMNIBLASTER Coupon Discount Code @> $5 Off Promo Special Offer

“Send Offers Directly To Buyers Inboxes & Phones In Just 1-Click!!”

Redeem this OmniBlaster Coupon Discount Code and before it expires, you will save $5 on OmniBlaster by Victory Akpos. More info below…

Discount Page :

Coupon Code : OB5OFF (apply to discount page above)

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Description : Did you ever dream to get a viral app fully integrated into the Twitter experience? You’ve got it. With this app, you can let your users connect with their Twitter account before being able to access your reserved content.

You can define any locked content you want (video, article, download link…). And of course, you have access to your connected users Twitter timeline. So basically you can potentially reach hundreds and thousands of your users’ followers when posting a Twitter update on their timeline!

Here Are The Amazing Features Built Into Twitter Viral Traffic Content Locker

Get and store in your database your users Twitter basic information

Your users can update their email address from a dedicated account page

Ability to post a message on your users Twitter timeline

And more

Ans. Yes, you are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you get this now. The only way you lose is if you don’t grab OmniBooster at the discounted price…

P.S. You only have until the timer on this page expires to grab your charter licence to OmniBlaster. The very second this timer expires OmniBlaster will turn into a monthly subscription price. Meaning new users will have to pay a $197 monthly fee every single month.

(Note: These are ALL Beginner Level Entrepreneurs/Marketers/Business Owners)

While Social media works on ‘One-to-many’ principle – people today are quickly moving to platforms that are one-to-one or one-to-few (chosen ones).

Like Snapchat, WhatsApp, SMS, KIK, Secret

David Sacks, CEO of YAMMER: “Both WhatsApp and Secret represent the ascendency of the phone book over the friend graph. It’s back to the future.”

Sell Your OmniBlaster Campaigns & Maximize Revenues With No Limitations.

Start Your Own OmniBlaster Service Business…

It’s just push-button easy to create a campaign for any business!

OmniBlaster delivers faster and better results than any other app in the market so you can command top dollar for your services!

Improve Your Affiliate Promotions And Make FAT Commissions Effortlessly:

Make your affiliate promotions stand out when every one of your prospects sees a personal message to them in 3 places they check every day! To them, it looks like you are making the ultimate effort—and it pays dividends in your conversions and your bank balance!

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Made Point-N-Click Easy To Serve Marketers Across All Experience Levels

Instantly Broadcast Or Schedule Broadcast Of Messages, Updates, Discounts Or Announcements Through VOICE, SMS, And Email

The holy grail isn’t 3.5 billion Facebook users, but being connected to as many users in as many places as possible.

The more places you are connected to your customers, the greater the chances that you will actually be able to sell them something.

The focus has to be on your total connections across all channels.

I must warn you that right now, during the introductory launch period we’re running a special 1-time price.

However once the very limited launch period is over OmniBlaster will be returning back to a monthly fee of $197 a month.

So if you’re reading this right now that means the special 1-time price is still available, so hurry act now to get an insane deal.

This is a social media marketing application to post clickable images with your link, title & description on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn with built-in click tracker. It’s a traffic generator application which allows you to drive traffic to your website from 5 popular social media networks. As you know Facebook has stopped to post links with custom image, title as well as other social media, but this comes with the solution to post a custom image with your links.

Features Built Into Clickable Images Bot & Tracker

Solves the issues of using a custom image with your link post for 5 social media.

Post all your social media accounts with just one click.

Schedule your campaign and forget about it.

Only we can track each link clicks and display full reports.

Multiple custom domain link controller add option.

Your user can use their own domain as link controller for their own branding.

The player is having trouble. We’ll have it back up and running as soon as possible.

You see, I thought about those set of people who would read the entire sales letter to the end without clicking on the buy button when I was writing the sales copy.

No jokes, it really crossed my mind that there would be a percentage of visitors who would behave like that, no matter how little… and for a moment it struck me that there might be one reason why you would read the entire letter to this point without ACTIVATING your account on OmniBlaster.

And that one reason is: You don’t believe this will make you thousands of dollars.

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