Monday, August 3, 2020

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Description : Successful Businesses all over the world use Popups simply because it is an extraordinary simple yet super effective way of converting your traffic into buyers.

For example, “GoKeyLess” generated 500 new leads & experienced a double digit growth in sales within a month of using similar image popups.

That’s how effective they are.

Let’s face it… a mobile is filled with 1000s of elements of DISTRACTION.

Have you ever thought about it?

There are 1000s of ways for your mobile visitors to be distracted when they are on your page.

(Phone call, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram & so many….)

And you have nobody to blame for that lost traffic because that’s the usual thing. And every business loses 60-70% of their mobile traffic because of it.

Well now you have “Mobile Vibrator” that is able to bring back up to 45% of those lost visitors.

It shakes & vibrates a mobile device indicating your visitor to return to your page when they have exited your page & moved on to something else.

A really powerful way of gaining back all the lost customers.

Majority of the products or services offered by businesses cater to a limited demographic.

But the internet being such a huge place can get you visitors from any part of the world.

No right product to show to a right buyer ends in a lost revenue opportunity.

Not anymore.

Geo Redirection feature helps you redirect the traffic from different parts of the world to your other offer pages or even affiliate offers that they may be interested in.

Rather than showing them a product or service that they can never buy, show them what they can buy immediately & take a cut.

Inside the members area we will also show you how to find area specific affiliate offers.

Exit intent is a technology that helps in recovering 20-30% of the lost sales all the time.

Visitors who are silently about to leave your page are shown an exclusive message/deal/discount & converted into customers.

Check out these screenshots:

Building trust online has always been a tough task for everyone. And it’s a human mentality that we trust those products or services where we see someone else to be happy and satisfied with it.

To generate trust amongst them, we add reviews, testimonials, and results.

And that’s why we came up with this tool where you can show the reviews to your customers all the time. This review engine will help you gain your website visitors’ trust by showing the reviews in the form of a popup.

And the best part is that this tool is completely free of cost along with the myconversionkit suite.

Let me show you all the tools that are included inside MyConversionKit:

Not just that, Cosmetic Capital increased their leads by 300% Using a similar Hellobar Optin.

YES! MyConversionKit works on smart phones and smart devices (IOS and Android). This means you can even make changes to your campaigns on the fly.

This is a one of its kind opportunity & the only tool in the market that allows you to post affiliate links even on social media platforms who otherwise block all the affiliate links.

Imagine how rapidly it can increase your revenue if you are the only affiliate marketer who can post affiliate links directly on social media in the complete ethical way.

Your reach & revenue increases exponentially.

Imagine if you have a consistent way of converting traffic into buyers,,, then you can even spend $1000 daily to bring traffic…

Because you know it can be DOUBLED back in.

That’s how good marketers scale.

For every $1000 spent, they make an easy $2000 or more back.

And that’s what they do… day in & day out.

Or you can use MyConversionKit for a simple all inclusive one time cost.

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That’s the sad reality.

Bringing Traffic is not a problem.

SEO, Blog, Viral Marketing, FB Ads… there are Tons of ways available online to bring traffic onto your site…

.. even a 6 year old can bring traffic.

Traffic is not the problem. You know that already.

Converting that traffic into leads & sales is the problem.

Here’s a quick demonstration of how businesses like yours are leaking money daily.

We are comparing 2 online pages:

1.) A page that is converting its traffic into sales at 9%

2.) Added just one extra line of code from MyConversionKit & now converting at 23%

The only catch however is, how to create them?

Can’t say without MyConversionKit…

Maybe a tool like Poptin that charges you $1188 for the pop-ups…

Let’s face it… if you have visited 10 different software pages online, you would have seen a big bold hellobar+timer on the Top or Bottom of ALL of those pages.

Pretty simple & simple to understand, right?

It works!! It plays a huge psychological edge in converting the traffic into buyers.

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