Monday, December 12, 2016

Content Cash Flow Discount Coupon Code : 40% Off Promo Deal

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It’s So Easy, Even a 12 Year Old Kid Can Do It

This is my 12 year old son, Nathan. Several months ago, I noticed the growing trend of adult coloring books. You know those mandala and pattern designs that are so popular? People were selling these books like crazy.

I saw an opportunity to provide our PLR customers with a coloring book of their own that they could publish, but I personally didn’t want to take the time to make the coloring book.

I casually mentioned at my house, “I wish I had someone to make a coloring book like that."

My 12 year old son spoke up and said, “I can do it.” In just 24 hours, he had 24 designs ready to sell.

The product was done within 24 hours and he had something up for sale the following day. We sold 185 of them in just a couple of weeks. He’s pretty darn happy about that and he’s learned that he can put things together and get them selling online quickly.

Now, I’m sure this all is starting to sound great, but you might be thinking….

Isn’t It More Lucrative to Work as a Ghostwriter?

Unless you are one of the highest paid ghostwriters online, this scenario is quite unlikely. Yes, it’s true you only have to find one buyer (your client) to get paid in full, but the amount you make from one client pales in comparison to how much you could sell if you offered private label rights.

But more than that, selling PLR lets you break free from the hassle of demanding clients. When you sell your own PLR, you decide the topics and how to create the products. Your buyers either take it or they leave it, and trust me, many are going to take whatever you put out.

Here’s How You Can Be One of The Select Few Who Get in on This

My business partner, Ron Douglas, and I have been working to help writers earn a living from their writing and they’ve been begging us for more in-depth training on getting in on the PLR business. Because of that, we’ve put this opportunity together for a limited number of people.

If you don’t know Ron, he’s a New York Times bestselling author and product seller who has sold well over a million books and ebooks. He specializes in creating high-value offers and recently pulled of a product launch with $103,954.04 revenue in 6 days.

Together, we take pride in providing our students with training they need to success, but more than that, we offer the support and tools to get there quickly. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here with our intensive Content Cash Flow Program.

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