Monday, December 12, 2016

Countdown Monkey Coupon Discount Code > 45% Off Promo Deal

A fresh addition was recently posted to the IM Coupons daily specials section. You should check out the full features on this update by following the web link below. More updates just around the corner as soon as time will allow

More info on the full update:

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Get your temporary Countdown Monkey offer deal code above and save yourself 45% off your next purchase of Countdown Monkey by Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson of Promote Labs.

Remember that the special offer above is valid for a limited time only, and may expire without notice.

Just click on the Red Banner Link above to reveal and copy your Countdown Monkey discount code and use it to get your discounted subscription.

* Found this special offer has expired? Simply use the search box above to get the latest bargains out there for this package.

Countdown Monkey is the savvy marketers key to higher conversions. Do you want your potential customers to 'go away and think about it' or would you prefer them to take action and buy right now? Well it's a no-brainer isn't it...and that's why scarcity is the ultimate conversion trigger. You'll be able to harness the power of visual scarcity on your sales pages, landing pages and more!

Get The Best Countdown Timer Available Online Today!

Don't Monkey Around With Countdowns That Take Ages To Install, Break Under Pressure Or Simply Don't Work When You Need Them Too...

Nothing To Install!

CountdownMonkey is a web based service that you simply login & use. Nothing to set up, no tricky install, just login, create and you're ready - A huge time saver!

Works Everywhere!

CountdownMonkey works everywhere! Use it on regular HTML pages or a WordPress blog, for any web browser and with all smart phones and mobile devices.

Date & Evergreen Options

With CountdownMonkey you can select any date or time (in any timezone) to end the countdown or choose the 'evergreen' option and just set once and forget!

Sky Rocket Conversions

Scarcity Sells! And with Countdown Monkey you can give every visitor an ultimatum: Make a decision to purchase now or lose out if the countdown hits zero.

Flexible Expiry Options

Choose 4 expiry options: #1 Do nothing (timer stops) #2 Hide (timer is hidden from the page) #3 Instant redirect (send visitors to any URL) #4 Reset (restart countdown)

Boost Conversion Anywhere

Opt-ins to newsletters, time sensitive affiliate/bonus offers through to launches and sales pages with conversion increases of up to 350% (works everytime)

Click on the Countdown Monkey website link above to get more details on this product…


Access listing here:

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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