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Description : Let me start by making a very blunt statement. If video is not a significant part of your web marketing plan, you are seriously behind the curve and it is very likely that you’re missing out on a LOT of potential customers and revenue!

That’s not fear mongering … that’s the plain truth.

Now, let me make another statement … we can help you in this area in a MAJOR way! We’ve already helped 1,524 other subscribers in this way.

We have something for you today that ANYONE can use (and many already are using) to get more traffic, rankings, and credibility by creating videos without needing special talent and skills!

It seems like there’s a new video product being pushed every day, doesn’t it? Obviously video is hot, and it has been for quite some time now.

But WHY is video pushed so vigorously these days?

The answer to that question is easily answered by looking at some recent studies:

– According to data obtained by Cisco, over 80% of all Internet Traffic is projected to be video by 2021… WOW!
– According to Forbes, 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.
– According Aberdeen, video marketing produces 66% more qualified leads per year. Again… WOW!

… we could go on and on and on with amazing video statistic after another from tons of different studies produced by a multitude of sources.

The fact is there is no more time to be on the fence when it comes to video marketing – do it or be left behind. It’s that simple.

We knew video marketing was rising like crazy when we created what we believe to be one of the best video creators on the market – Instant Video Wizard!

And because it’s Independence Day, we’ve decided to give you the chance to get access to this amazing video creator at one of the lowest prices ever!

Order Instant Video Wizard today, through the link below, and we’re going to give you a whopping discount!

What makes Instant Video Wizard better than the others?

The reason we created Instant Video Wizard is because we saw two major flaws in the video creator market. Other video creators are either complex and time consuming, or easy but very limited!

So, we created the first of its kind video creator that is EASY to use, creates videos QUICKLY, and is very flexible!

It allows you to create various types of videos (not just one very specific type of video with tons of limitations)!

But here’s what it all really comes down to – Instant Video Wizard allows ANYONE to get more Google rankings, drive more traffic, and earn more money online via video!

If you’re ready to join 1,524 other subscribers (just from our list), who have used it to do just that, click the link below and start generating more links, traffic, and revenue today!

I can’t stress enough how valuable Instant Video Wizard is. But here are a few of our many users who have sent us their feedback:

“25% increase in visitors”

“I have had great fun using Instant Video Wizard. It would be fair to say that I have not used video much in the past, … I just found it too complicated and I never got a single video up online with it. BUT, with IVW, I have created 15 videos so far. One of the webpages on which I put one of the first videos I made has had an estimated 25% increase in visitors since I put it up and there has been an increase in the amount of adsense income from that site also. I can see that this tool has enormous potential, it is easy to use, has lots of options, but is not complex and it makes it really simple to upload to Youtube.” — Meg Learner (IVW user)

“[IVW] ‘knocks it out of the park’!”

“I have been using [Prosperative] software for at least 7 years … [Prosperative always] goes above and beyond … with Instant Video Wizard [they’ve] gone over the top. The program is easy to use (Instant), has a wealth of content available (Video) and you do not have to be a video expert (Wizard) to use it … The combination of extensive features and the availability of all the content (video, music, images) makes this a top notch state of the art video creation tool that lives up to the Instant part of its name. The cool thing is that the ease of use does not require you to know about all the bells and whistles to start creating your own videos.” — Steve Melton (IVW user)

“Video Marketing is a breeze with [IVW]!”

“Video marketing is a breeze with this creation tool. There are plenty of voice overs to select from, or you can use your own voice. I personally use both so I can have a variety. There is great fun creating these videos, and I get so caught up making them that I have to make myself stop! Another awesome tool, thanks!” — Edward (IVW user)

“I rely on it …”

“Intuitive, ‘out of the box’ is often a trite statement but when talking about Instant Video Wizard it is a fact. Creating several dozen videos in multiple niches has proven IVW is a winner. Do you find you are frustrated after using multiple video creation tools and being disgusted with the time sucking learning curve? Instant Video Wizard is a solution to your video creation woes. Literally, after a 6-minute introduction video you will be able to create incredible unique videos “out of the box” the “Big G” absolutely adores. Desire to kick it up a notch and make a few tweaks. Great, simply watch the complete 30-minute walk through tutorial, and you are a Pro. Your new “channels” are amazing!” — Steve (IVW user)

And the Mysterious, there are many others we could share with you. IVW users LOVE it because IVW helps them get more top Google rankings and drive more traffic, which results in more money in their pocket!

Are you ready for the same?

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