Monday, September 16, 2019

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Description : This thought is played in millions of minds all over the world.

Right as you sit down to write an email, a blog post, a social update, or record a podcast or video – as you plan out a live speaking session or webinar.

The thought floats up like a super sized balloon on a string and blocks your view of the page, stalling your creativity with doubt and insecurity.

One thing’s for sure, we can’t turn a profit if we can’t get content written, recorded, published and promoted. If we let a thought like this get under our skin, we’re sunk.

And it WILL get under our skin if we hold onto the thought – it will be especially effective if we give it a voice. If we imagine someone we respect saying it. “Nobody wants to know what you think!”

There’s so much behind this. It’s your classic imposter syndrome. There’s fear of being disrespected, disregarded and generally ignored.

From a realistic, practical point of view, the thought could actually be true.

If you haven’t built any experience around a topic, who’s going to care what you think about it?

If “Nobody Wants To Know What I Think” comes up, first check to see if is arguably true. And you may not be able to do that on your own – run the thought past a trusted adviser for a reality check.

Truthfully, your thoughts may not be wanted YET.

Every thought leader you can think of was once an unknown. There was a time early in their journey where they had thoughts that nobody cared about.

Brene Brown once had a thought nobody gave two cents about.

Marie Forleo once had business opinions to offer that nobody wanted.

Vishen Lakiani once had a big idea that nobody cared to hear.

And hello… these are all big deal people who’s opinions and thoughts are highly valued and sought after today.

What would make someone want to know what you think?

This is the golden question in my estimation. Instead of wrestling with Trickster thoughts, ask what you can DO.

Nobody cares what you know about ____________ until you’ve done it.

Whatever it takes, however long it takes – DO what you want to be respected for.

Get the experience. Practice the skill. Serve the clients. Produce the results.

Kelly McCausey created Ten Testimonials to support you in creating the experience of doing what you want to be doing – building real world knowledge, working with real people – collecting testimonials along with that experience.

It’s a simple training with your choice of dares to complete. Pick one, be all in and see if at the end there aren’t some people who want to know what you think.

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