Sunday, June 21, 2020

CLOSE THE ROOM TALK PROJECT KIT Coupon Discount Code @> 50% Off Promo Special Offer

“Stop Struggling To Sign Ideal Clients! Learn How To Confidently Speak And Share Your Expertise On Stage, Through Facebook Live Videos, And Podcasts–And Become Well-Known In Your Niche!!”

Redeem this Close The Room Talk Project Kit Discount Coupon Code and before it expires, you will save 50% on Close The Room Talk Project Kit from Melissa Ingold, Time Freedom Business. More details…

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Description : PLUS, You’ll Also Get All These Materials Included Inside this Kit Too!

Use this checklist to make sure you’re prepared for your Facebook Livestream Presentation.

And hey, if you or your client are not able to, or don’t have time to get on the phone – record all the information, and then send the recording and the list of info you need back from them to proceed.

Use this template to plan your slide deck – with an eye to sharing them with your audience as a high-value handout. 

Once you and/or your team soak up and execute just a few simple tools & techniques, you can turn your voice and message into actual clients and cash. Cha-ching!

Your time is crazy valuable,  so why waste it with tons of back-and-forth emails as you try to explain to your assistant exactly what you want done. With this project kit, you don’t even need to know ‘exactly what you want done’, because she’ll have tons of templates and tools that will help her get right to work.

Want to know the best way to make sure you always have a flood of perfect-for-you leads banging down your virtual door?

And I’ve made it super easy for you to do all of that with the project kit on this page…

2) Create a 1:1 coaching session package or VIP day around the topic of the kit that you can sell to your clients.

Use this worksheet to list your stories and key life moments and determine which one will best resonate with your ideal audience.

Use this checklist to make sure you are doing everything you can to target and appeal to your ideal audience.

But here’s the sweet part: All you have to do is customize the plan to your specific business goals and needs and hand it off to your assistant, confident she’ll know EXACTLY what to do the ENTIRE MONTH.

Bottom line, beauty? Speaking is the ultimate way to grow your influence, impact and income. Hands down.

And…did you know that if you’re a coach or service provider, you can actually use this kit and get paid by your clients?

(And I’m not just talking about people reaching out to while you’re at an event, or immediately after a podcast episode goes live….but loooooong afterward, too. This is about the long game, too.)

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