Tuesday, June 23, 2020


“No More Chaos! How To Finally Get Your Workspace Organized For!”

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Description : “30 Ways to Reclaim Your Messy Desk and Office Space to Increase Your Productivity and Profitability” was designed to help you to create your own epic blog post. Add to it, expand upon it (include your own stories), and you’ll have a piece of content that you’ll be proud of and that will bring traffic to your site for months or years to come. 

In this done-for-you content bundle, you’ll find strategies to help your community get organized in life AND in business, so they can reclaim their time and find the success they struggle to achieve. 

We call these “Content Drafts” because we give you the starting point to create something awesome and life-changing. We want to help you to make the world a better place, so be sure to infuse stories and examples into the content and make it your own. 

We all know people love to share epic (long) blog posts, especially lists. That’s why this post is more than 2000 words long!

To help you to get exposure to your blog posts, we’ve included 6 posts optimized for Twitter and 6 posts written for Facebook.

Depending on your personality and your work habits, clutter and disarray in your office CAN affect your productivity. And when productivity is down, so are profits. Clutter can also cost you money if you replaced something that was later found under a stack of papers or in a random drawer.

These titles are waiting for you to customize with your personality and knowledge: 

Or use each individual article as a draft to create 5 epic blog posts of your own. 

Remember, you get this in .doc format and you can edit it, remove or replace portions, customize it, monetize it, feature your own programs or your favorite products, or just use it as it is.

Offer this self-assessment as a content upgrade in the blog posts to grow your lists, or use a tool such as Interact to create an interactive quiz. 

You can turn this document into a pretty printable pdf that they can fill out old-school as a self-assessment or add these questions into software to poll your community to see exactly what areas they need further help and what information they are looking for from you.

Post them on your blog or combine them into a report to teach your audience all about how to finally make the changes they’ve so desperately wanted to make.

This document has 10 multiple choice questions to get your readers looking at their mindset and what they might want to do about it.

If you add your hashtags and an image, those 5 Facebook posts work perfectly on Instagram as well.

Or if list-building is your current focus, once you tweak the content, you can turn this into a report, a multi-day challenge, or an email course. Put up a landing page and ask for an opt in for people to get it.

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