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“Are You Ready to Finally Earn Your First, or Next Dollar As an Affiliate Marketer – Knowing That More Money Will Soon Follow in a Natural and Systematic Way?”

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Description : Each Session is a Workshop Unto Itself,

Where the Goal Will Be for You to Set Up and Create An Affiliate Marketing Business That Makes Sense for You.

You’ll Experience Immediate Gratification During This Process.

In fact, affiliate marketing takes several months of your time and efforts to be truly effective. That’s why most people give up and believe this model is not a good one. But you have the advantage of having me as your guide and trainer for this and I never, ever give up when I know something is a worthwhile money maker.

The Problem…You believe that affiliate marketing doesn’t truly work, requires years of set up, and is only lucrative in the “internet marketing” or “make money online” niches. You feel like this could just be a big waste of your time, energy, and money with little or no payoff to show for it.

If you are willing to share books, physical products, digital products and courses, free information and resources, and more with others, you can make an incredible living doing so.

I’ll be teaching you a method that takes about an hour a day, four or five days a week. In five hours, spread out over several days, you’ll be more productive with your affiliate marketing than most people are able to be in fifteen to twenty hours or more each week.

You need a way to have total control over how much money you earn, and how much time it takes you to do that. I have continued to increase my affiliate income each month since coming online in 2006, and you can do the same exact thing, once you learn which steps to take right away.

Just to say how much I enjoy your training courses, and how helpful I find them. ​I appreciate the effort and personal touches you put into it, too.​ ~ Alex Rowan

Affiliate marketing is a business, and just like any other business it takes some work to get started. If it were as easy as those people would like for us to believe, would they be sharing their secrets with the world? Of course not.

During Session One I’ll share just how productive and prolific have I been when it comes to using affiliate marketing as an effective and powerful part of my overall marketing plan. You’ll be saying “I can do that, too!” after I share my proven strategies with you.

It’s your integrity, your servant heart, and quality courses that have kept me as a customer for so many years. Not too long after I found you, I ordered a course, twice. Quietly, behind the scenes, you credited my account. How did I find out? I noticed it on my statement. That act revealed that you were a woman of integrity; one I wanted to continue to do business with and to learn from.~ Joyce Heiser

This is how online marketing works as well. When you learn the basics and put about a third of what you know into place, the rest of your business will come together with a few clicks of your mouse. I may be slightly oversimplifying here, but my motto to “Keep It Simple” truly is the path to great success for you as an online entrepreneur. And failing forward more than half of the time is okay. I’m living proof that you can regularly fail more than half of the time and still earn seven figures as an entrepreneur.

I worked as a classroom teacher for twenty years, and during that time I had absolutely no control over my income. One year the union had us go on strike for almost three weeks, and I had zero income during that time. If I hadn’t been working part-time in real estate on the side, my house payment and other bills would have been late or not paid at all. Having your own online business is the best hedge against inflation, unforeseeable situations that may arise, and a weak or struggling economy.

Imagine having the time and financial freedom to live the life you choose. Affiliate marketing is the best way to get started with this lifestyle, and you never know where it might lead you in the future.

This isn’t a course on the theory of affiliate marketing. Theory has its place, but this course – the Micro Course for Affiliate Marketing Workshop – is about the practical side of planning, creating, and the marketing of products, courses, and services, from wherever you happen to be in the world with an internet connection. Over the past ten years my business has carried on profitably from the beaches of southern California, internet cafes across Europe, remote areas of Asia, as well as from my home offices in both Santa Barbara and Santa Clarita, California. This is all thanks to the products and services I recommend on a daily basis, using the exact methods and strategies I have time tested since 2006. I’ll teach you exactly how to do the same thing, in a way that suits your lifestyle and goals.

Regularly I am asked whether or not the window of opportunity has already closed for new affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs when it comes to building a profitable business as an affiliate marketer. This is my take on that…

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