Sunday, June 21, 2020

PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS AGENCY Coupon Discount Code @> $5 Off Promo Special Offer

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A PWA is a new web technology that combines the best a website has to offer with the best a mobile app has to offer.  The result: Easy customer access that can increase business instantly for any local business!

It has been difficult for “non-techy” folks (the vast majority of us) to wrap our heads around what Progressive Web Apps are, and how they can benefit our businesses and organizations.

MobiFirst was launched June, 2019 after months of beta testing and 3 years of development. We have long term plans to keep this software ahead of the demands for mobile and desktop needs and for helping our customers build strong businesses.

100 MobiFirst Templates

Choose from a variety of styles and niches.

Each template can be turned into a PWA.

Ability to Clone Sites

Have a PWA you created for a client and want to use it for another client?  No need to start from scratch, simply clone the site, make any adjustments, and turn it into a PWA just like that!

Once the user clicks to add, the fully functioning website

is added to their home screen and you can send communications

via push notifications directly to the device the app was added to! 

Sell your PWA services and create a thriving business with MobiFirst technology on your side.

It has not been that easy to create PWAs (the correct way) until now, and WOW is this easy!  

MobiFirst Progressive Web App Converter

When the site is complete and has the look you want, this extremely powerful one-click tool will turn your MobiFirst site into a Progressive Web App, completely ready for Android and iOS use.

This means as an Agency, the pool of potential paying clients is virtually endless and the service you will be providing is of immense value. Progressive Web Apps by MobiFirst makes it possible.

MobiFirst Push Notifications Manager

Each PWA can have up to 10 push notifications sent to users every 30 days. This is a great upsell of your Agency services, or include it as an added value for your customers. Manage and send push notifications with ease.

I can offer you this website with hosting included. It’s already built and ready to go and is equipped with Mobile-First technology, which is how Google wants every site to be built, so it’s adaptive for the future.

Beyond that, I can turn this very site into a Progressive Web App and enable push notifications for you. So, you can communicate with your customers directly through their mobile devices to drive more engagement, traffic and ultimately more sales to your business. 

I can offer you the website for a flat fee of $299 (that includes ongoing hosting at a one time cost). But if you want the website as a Progressive Web App with SSL security and enabled push notifications, I can do that for just $49.95/mo!

We have extensive training, FAQs in the support area, a Facebook group, and more to help you become successful with MobiFirst. 

Scratch-Off Widget

Like the idea of engaging your website visitors even more? The MobiFirst Scratch-Off Widget makes any offer or message you have irresistible. Coerce your website visitors to literally “scratch-off” and unveil whatever you want on your websites like a lottery ticket – it could be anything underneath! Your site visitors are going to have fun taking action with MobiFirst’s Scratch-Off Widget.

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