Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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“​​Want Better Conversions,​ New Clients & More Sales? Write Better Copy!”

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Description : “I finished going through your course and really enjoyed it. Your stuff had more meat in the subject matter than all 8 of the books I read by another famous copywriter.”

Just imagine laying fingers to keyboard at will and crafting copy that’s geared to your specific customer. Then watching as that connection repeatedly persuades your visitors to click, call, subscribe or buy.

I’ve owned my own copywriting agency (MarketingWords.com) for over 20 years where I’ve created numerous copywriting courses, taught countless online classes, and spoken at high-profile conferences including Internet Retailer, Search Engine Strategies and Internet Summit.

What’s more, having this essential skill will put you light years ahead of competitors who are still struggling to write a couple of paragraphs on a landing page. Create better copywriting—faster—and watch your online marketing campaigns generate results more profitable than you imagined.

Log in instantly and get started boosting your copywriting skills, and your income!

I’ve been involved in marketing since high school. I’ve worked at advertising agencies, radio stations and several in-house marketing departments.

These handy PDFs keep you on track with each copywriting lesson, plus give you a quick way to check yourself as you implement what you’ve learned. (A $49 value.)

Short Copywriting Lessons

Learn copywriting a little at a time… whenever you have time.

​Want to fuel the performance of all your marketing efforts? Let me show you how – step-by-step – in this easy-to-follow copywriting course.

And with all the tips, tricks and tools I give you in this copywriting course… creating this kind of response is easier than ever.

Website owner? Professional copywriter? Copywriter wannabe? Look over my shoulder as I show you all the tips & tricks to this easy system.

Are you ready to discover the #1 way to make an immediate impact on the sales and conversions from your…​

Have questions? Need opinions? Want to brainstorm? Many course creators are now charging for access to their private Facebook groups. Not here! You’ll be given free access to mine. (A $99 value.)

Is Copywriting Advantage right for me?

Yes, if you want to learn copywriting and you’re a copywriter looking to upgrade your skills, a website owner, speaker, course creator, online marketer, affiliate marketer, or other professional who wants to boost the power and profitability of your copywriting.

What format is the Copywriting Advantage course?

This is an online video-based copywriting course. Your purchase gives you a single-user license with immediate access to all the modules.

Is this another one of those website copywriting classes that only teaches how to write overly hyped-up copy? I’m really not into that! It makes me feel sleazy.

I’m not into it either. You will never see me use the word “skyrocket” … ever. There’s a Grand-Canyon–sized gap between being descriptive and persuasive, and resorting to overblown hype. I leave the hype back in 1993 where it belongs.

The hardest part of copywriting for me is figuring out what my customers want. Will you cover that?

There’s an entire session that goes into a great deal of detail and provides you with an easy-to-follow worksheet to target audience profile creation. With a little research — and possibly a thesaurus — you’ll be all set.

I’ve bought other online copywriting courses before, only to find that they were all just filled with fluff. There wasn’t hardly any actual copywriting lessons included. Do you actually TEACH copywriting?

You bet! I pride myself on all the compliments I’ve gotten over the past 20 years about having a very focused — and zero fluff — teaching style. Each of these copywriting classes is full of beefy information and actionable steps. If that’s the way you like to learn copywriting, this is the best course for you.

Can you promise I’ll be the world’s best copywriter when I’ve finished this copywriting course?

Nope! And neither can any other course creator. I’m a bottom-line kinda girl, so let me tell you why no one can guarantee your success. Because I don’t know you, whether you’re serious about wanting to learn copywriting, what skills or talents you already have, and so on, I can’t predict your level of achievement. Only you can make it happen. Go ahead, take the next step… I’m cheering for you!

One thing I’m most proud of is how people describe my teaching style. I don’t waste your time or overwhelm you with fluff just to make a course (look) bigger. I teach you what matters in a step-by-step fashion that’s easy to follow – and equip you with skills you can apply immediately to all your web pages for higher conversions and more sales.

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