Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Description : This is really nice! Just starting a new build today and will definitely “give it a spin”. I like this update a lot!

All of your presets can be managed within the new presets dropdown menu. Here you can create new presets and manage existing presets. Let’s get to know the interface a little better.

Yes!!! Game changer! Super excited for this and happy to see how Divi keeps evolving.

This will become our preferred method for making global changes rather than external CSS file…so much easier now.

Creating A Centralized Repository Of Divi Resources Today we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching an official Divi Marketplace here on This will be a place where Divi creators from around the world can build and sell Divi Extensions, Child Themes and Layout…

Looks promising! Although I had to rollback the last update before this one since it broke my layouts…

I hope this is fixed by now.

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Thank you so much, this was a much needed upgrade. You guys keep taking Divi to the next level. I’m so glad I have remained committed to the Divi Theme and Framework. Can’t wait to see what else you guys have coming out next week as you mentioned in the video.

Experimenting with it.. loving it!

My only wish- that user-set custom classes were added to the rule selectors in output css!

I’ll second that question as it was actually the second thing I thought of whilst watching the video.

The first thing I thought of right off the bat was how similar this was to the benefits of css, let alone Classes/IDs, and then he covered that comparison as well at the tail of the video overview.

I don’t even have to try it yet to know this is a GREAT improvement! When you’re a website designer and NOT a developer, anything that makes it easier for designers to design the way WE think is a huge plus! Thanks so much for the tremendous continuing efforts of Elegant Themes and the Divi Team!

(update: I scrolled down and saw that someone pointed out that the presets are indeed exportable.)

Today we are excited to introduce Divi Presets, the new class-based design system that will change the way you design Divi websites forever. When you customize the style of a Divi module, row or section you can now save that custom style as Divi Preset. That preset can be applied to elements across your entire website so that they all share the same custom appearance. When you modify a preset, all items using that preset will reflect the change. Furthermore, when you add a new element to a page, you can quickly apply any of your saved presets instead of having to start from scratch. This is a huge change to the Divi design system and one of the most important Divi features we have released in years.

Thank you for this awesome update! Can’t wait to put that to good use

If you are a WordPress web designer, then you are probably familiar with HTML and CSS. Now just imagine having to create a website from scratch using HTML and CSS, but without the use of CSS Classes. You would need to add the styling information for every single element individually using in-line styles. If you wanted to update a shared style across your entire site, you would have to do it hundreds or thousands of times since none of those elements were using shared CSS classes. That sounds terrible, right? Believe it or not, that is the current state of most page builders, and that was the current state of Divi until now. Classes are to CSS, what Presets are to Divi. A website intelligently designed using Divi Presets can be managed so much more easily than ever before since the website’s styles are consolidated into a small collection of shared presets that represent a broader design system. This is a major shift in Divi’s design methodology and a huge advantage for Divi users.

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