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EVERYDAY ENTHUSIASM PLR PACK Coupon Discount Code @> $40 Off Promo Special Offer

“Build Your List And Your Joy, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation!!”

Redeem this Everyday Enthusiasm PLR Pack Discount Coupon Code and before it expires, you will save $40 on Everyday Enthusiasm PLR Pack created by Tracy Roberts, Susanne Myers, Piggy Makes Bank. Details below…

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Coupon Code : JOY (use on discount page above)

Expiry Date : Unknown

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Description : I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that we could all use a little more joy right now and this pack was written from the heart to help your audience revive their enthusiasm.

Heck, I’m sure most of the time people don’t even realize they’ve lost their enthusiasm until they wake up one day and realize they can’t recall the last time they were excited about something. Let’s help them get it back.

Here’s what you get with the Making Enthusiasm Part of Every Day Life PLR pack:

3 – 10-packs of articles (30 total) – perfect for blog posts
3 – 10-packs of emails (30 total) written to promote each of the blog posts.
30 social media posts so you can put Facebook and Twitter marketing on autopilot
A compilation eBook of all articles. Use it as a content upgrade offer, a paid product, or a valuable bonus for one of your own info products.
A full eBook / Workbook bundle (different from the article content) that you can use to create a paid product.

We did things a little differently this month. This time around we have THREE 10 article packs that revolve around the main topic of reviving your enthusiasm. Here’s a quick glance at the 30 titles we have for you inside:

10-Pack #1: Revive Your Enthusiasm by Shifting Your Mindset

When Did Life Get So Boring, Anyway?
3 Thieves that Rob Your Enthusiasm
Assessing Your Enthusiasm for Everyday Life
Gratitude – The Surefire Way to Revive Enthusiasm
Putting Things into Perspective
What Will You Gain? An Important Question
Getting Real About the Problems in Your Life
Fake It ‘till You Make It
You Don’t Have To Do It, You Get To!
Tune Out Unenthusiastic People

10-Pack #2: Revive Your Enthusiasm by Taking Care of Yourself

You Deserve to be Enthusiastic About Your Life!
Revive Your Health, Revive Your Enthusiasm
Too Tired to Care? Lack of Rest Spoils Enthusiasm
Eat Better to Feel Better
3 Tips to Avoid Draining People and Keep Your Joy
Be a Cheerleader and Encourage Others
Saying NO Can be Refreshing
Build Self-Care Into Your Everyday Routine
Take a ME-cation to Revive Your Enthusiasm
Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

10-Pack #3. Revive Your Enthusiasm by Trying New Things

Consider a Whole New Approach to Your Everyday Life
Learning New Skills Kickstarts New Enthusiasm
Changing Your Network Can Change Your Life
Big Leaps – Taking a Chance Could Pay Off Big
Reflection Helps Spark New Enthusiasm
Will a Pivot Revive Your Enthusiasm?
Tracking Progress Promotes Healthy Enthusiasm
Find a Cause and Make a Difference
Sign Up for a Class with Friends
Using Creative Outlets to Find Your Joy

The Ebook/Workbook combo is called Reviving Enthusiasm – Making Joy an Everyday Thing (6,282 words)

Teach your readers about:

Where’d the Enthusiasm Go?
What Brings You Joy?
Overcoming Roadblocks that Steal Your Joy
Encourage Others to Revive Their Enthusiasm Too & More…

Click here for all the details and use coupon code JOY to save $40 when you check out. This coupon is only good for a few days. Take advantage of it while you can.

Custom written social media posts that go hand-in-hand with each of the articles. Use them to whip up quick Facebook posts, schedule tweets for your posts, or consider combining these little text blurbs with images for your posts and use them on Pinterest or Instagram. No matter how you use them, these social media posts make promoting your content as easy as pie.

Not a problem! We’ve compiled the content into a meaty 30 chapter eBook that you can share with your target audience. Use it as an up-sell or bonus for signing up to your list or coaching program. Turn it into a new paid product to build out your funnel, or post the articles on your site with a call to action at the end to sign up to receive the full content package. You get top-notch self-help content that you can quickly customize for your specific target audience and share with them in a variety of different ways. We even include a guide with plenty of ideas to get you started. The only way you won’t benefit and profit from this content is if you let it collect virtual dust on your hard drive.

This PLR Bundle includes 3 10-pack of articles and 3 10-pack of email messages. Just copy and paste and you’re good to go.

If you know how to copy and paste, you can set up this 30 days of pre-written content. Keep it free or make it a paid product.

This 30 days is designed to help you bring enthusiasm back into your daily life.

This could be a free challenge to help you build your list and grow engagement with your readers, or it could be a paid product for an online business owner. The content could also easily be turned into a 30-day group coaching program all about bringing enthusiasm back into your life.

In the content you share helpful tips and advice and to go along with it, emails go out each day that point readers to the new content and challenge them to follow along. With this content bundle, you challenge your readers to be more enthusiastic about their daily life.

Looking For A Particular Topic? Type In Your Keyword & See What We’ve Got.

To recap, you’ll get the full 3 10-packs of articles (30 total) as a word document, txt files, and the article content turned into a meaty eBook that you can share as part of the content series, or use as a stand-alone product. You’ll also receive 3 10-packs of email messages (30 total) to promote the blog posts and an eBook/workbook.

The posts or articles are a good mix of tips and ideas that will inspire your readers to use their free content to build their lists. There are inspirational posts and those with strategies that your readers can take action on right away. It’s a good mix of content that your audience will enjoy. Since the articles also go up on your blog and can be shared via social media, this is a great way to grow your reach and attract new readers.

We put together a “how-to” guide to help you implement this PLR and use it to grow your list. Use it for this challenge, but also for any other 15 or 30-day email challenges you may want to run down the road. We’ve even included a section on how to write the content for your challenge yourself. We share everything we do to run and promote these 30-day challenges and grow our lists fast. Frankly, this bonus alone is well worth the price of the entire PLR bundle.

Post each article on your blog to drive traffic there, or if you prefer, share the tips (or excerpts) on your Facebook page to drive up engagement there.

A lot of the time people don’t even realize they’ve lost their enthusiasm until they wake up one day and realize they can’t recall the last time they were excited about something.

Along the way, you can, of course, monetize your emails with suggestions for different books, courses and tools.

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