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365 PLR Marketing Articles & Tweets Discount Coupon Code – 20% Off Promo Deal

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Take advantage of the limited-time only 365 PLR Marketing Articles & Tweets promo code above and save yourself 20% off your next purchase of 365 PLR Marketing Articles & Tweets by Melody Spier of AllPrivateLabelContent.com.

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This bundle contains a full year of top quality articles that you can automatically upload and schedule to your blog, using our handy WordPress plugin.

That’s 365 posts all related to business and marketing. These were pulled from our All Marketing Content archives from 2015 and come with a tweet for each article.

Keep reading for a list of topics included, or if you’re in a hurry…

Article Topics In This Pack:

11 Types of Content You Need

12 Types of Video Marketing

12 Ways to Use Market Research for Your Business

14 Ways to Build Your Email Lists

Ad Extensions: What Are They and How Can You Use Them?

Are You Missing Out on Mobile Revenue?

Ask for Feedback from Viewers

Ask Your Audience What They Would Like to See

Awesome Software for Memberships

Basic Components of Service Provider Business Contracts

Best Fixes for the Google Mobile-Friendly Changes

Best Tools to Use for Analyzing

Beware of Home Business Scams

Brainstorming Apps for Your Business

Building Long-Lasting Business Relationships

Building Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Check Your Competition for Video Ideas

Check Your Stats for Hot Pages on Your Site

Choosing Member Benefits

Choosing the Right Business Entity

Coming Up With a Teachable Topic

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Common Market Research Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made in JV Partnerships

Common Mistakes When Starting an Affiliate Program

Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Common Online Marketing Mistakes

Common Online Marketing Mistakes

Common PPC Campaign Mistakes to Avoid

Common Teleseminar Mistakes

Common Video Blogging Mistakes

Common Video Making Mistakes

Common Video Marketing Mistakes

Common Webinar Mistakes

Common Website Mistakes to Avoid

Common Work-at-Home Positions You Can Apply For

Conditioning Your Prospects and Customers

Content for Your Membership Program

Course Outline Creation

Create a Blog Publication Calendar

Create Apps Even If You Can’t Code

Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Creating a Continuous Flow and a Positive Experience from End to End

Creating a Memorable Portfolio for Your B2B Event

Creating Content for Social Media

Creating Content for Your Blog

Creating Copy for Different Stages of Prospect Awareness

Creating Passive Income as a Service Provider

Defining Your Content Theme

Determining Your Online Marketing Goals

Developing a Content Marketing Mindset

Developing Exclusive Content for Memberships

Different Types of Critics and Which You Should Ignore

Different Ways to Find Affiliates

Do What PR Would Do

Do’s and Don’ts for Community Involvement

Does Your Content Scale?

Earning from Video Transcripts

Earning Income with Courses

Eco Consulting

Eight Apps with Resell Potential

Eight PPC Tactics That Get Results

Eight Reasons a Press Release Still Works

Eight Reasons Memberships Earn

Eight Reasons to Keep Blogging

Eight Reasons Your Online Reputation Matters

Eight Resources to Include in Your Membership

Eight Tips for a Successful Webinar

Eight Tips to Conducting a Successful Teleseminar

Eight Tips to Successful Videos for YouTube

Eight Tools and Software to Help You Build Your Online Community

Eight Ways to Build your Expertise

Eight Ways to Create Passive Income

Eight Ways to Get Content Fast for Marketing Purposes

Eight Ways to Get Help Inexpensively

Eight Ways to Market Online with PPC

Eight Ways to Market Your Biz Online Cheaply

Eight Ways to Provide Value to Members

Eight Ways to Reuse Your Videos

Eight Ways to Use a Book to Market Your Business

Eight Ways to Use PPC Campaigns to Market Your Business

Eight Ways to Use Video Marketing

Eight Website Builders That Work and That Anyone Can Use

Eleven Tips for a Successful PPC Campaign

Expanding the Lifetime Value of Your Customer

Facebook Ads Best Practices

Finding the Right Business for You

Five Books to Read about Affiliate Marketing

For a Successful Business Have a Clear Plan

Get Creative with Your Blog

Get Others to Promote Your Membership Program

Get the Most from Search Engine Traffic

Getting Focused

Getting Started Creating Apps

Getting the Word Out about Your Business

Great Ways to use Facebook for Marketing

Green App Developer

Habits of Highly Successful Mobile Marketers

Herb Gardening for Money

Home Business or Work-at-Home Job – Which Is Right for You?

How and When to End Your Business Relationship

How Becoming an Author Builds Expertise

How Becoming an Author Can Increase Your Expert Status

How Businesses Benefit from Offering Internships

How Internships Help You Build Your Skills

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

How Mobile Marketing Affects Paid Advertising

How Multitasking Kills Performance

How Often Should You Review Your Marketing Strategy?

How Real-Time Marketing Boosts Your Business

How Scaling Affects Content Creation

How to Approach a Blog Owner

How to Attract Super Affiliates

How to Be Taken Seriously as a Home Business Owner

How to Become a Speaker

How to Become Popular When New to a Group

How to Break the Multitasking Habit

How to Build an Online Community

How to Bury Information You Don’t Want Known

How to Charge for Your Membership

How to Choose the Right Membership to Join

How to Choose the Right Products to Promote as an Affiliate

How to Come Up with Blog Topics

How to Come Up with Content If You Can’t Write Well

How to Come Up With Topics

How to Consistently Produce Engaging Content

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Part Time from Home

How to Create Actionable Content

How to Create an Inner Circle

How to Create Better Word-of-Mouth Marketing

How to Create Deadlines That Stick

How to Create Impact with Short Blog Posts

How to Create Wow-Worthy Content for Your Blog

How to Deal with Slow Payers

How to Determine the Cost of Your Membership Site

How to Develop a Content Calendar

How to Develop an Email Course

How to Expand Your Service Business to Include Products and Your Product Business to Include Services

How to Find a VA That’s Right for Your Needs

How to Find Blog Themes That Match Your Needs and Message

How to Find JV Partners

How to Find Your Niche as a Virtual Assistant

How to Find Your Place in an Entrepreneur World

How to Gain More Qualitative Feedback from Customers

How to Generate On-Site Experiences That Will Have Attendees Coming Back for More

How to Get More Bang for Your Social Media Buck

How to Get Paid for an Email Course

How to Get Volunteers to Help

How to Handle Gaps in the Knowledge and Skills of Your Team

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer

How to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Methods

How to Improve Your SEO from A to Z

How to Incorporate More Human Speech, Humor, and Personality into Your Content

How to Increase Income with Your Inner Circle

How to Integrate Scaled Content Creation

How to Know If You’re Making an Impact

How to Learn the Skills You Need to Work from Home

How to Make a Wow-Worthy Profile

How to Make an Intangible Product or Service Feel Real and Relevant

How to Make Money before You Have Products to Sell

How to Make the Most of Your Membership

How to Market Your Business Website Online and Offline

How to Market Your Video Blogs

How to Maximize Every JV Partnership

How to Position Yourself as an Expert

How to Save Money on Content

How to Scale Content Creation

How to Talk to Your Family about Working from Home

How to Tell a Unique Story

How to Tell Legitimate Opportunities from Scams

How to Turn an Unsubscribe Back into a Subscribe

How to Turn Your Best Customers into Your Biggest Assets

How to Use Google+ to Develop a Following and an Audience

How to Use Images with Your Blog

How to Use Keyword Match Types Effectively

How to Use the “Dimensions” Report in AdWords

How to Use Webinars and Teleseminars to Market Your Business

How to Write Social Media Posts That People Respond To

How Virtual Assistance Has Changed the Way We Do Business

How You Can Become a Virtual Assistant

Industry-Related Community Sites

Industry-Related Non-Competing Sites

Industry-Specific Forums

Industry-Specific Social Sites

Invoicing Systems to Make Collections Easier

Key Performance Indicators You Need to Track

Lessons from Leaders in Mobile Marketing

Making a Lean Budget for Your Home Business

Making the Most of Your Videos

Market Your Website Offline

Marketing Your Apps

Marketing Your Business Offline Works Too

Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

Membership Software That Works

Methods of Conducting Market Research

Mobile-friendly and Responsive are NOT the Same

Money Doesn’t Equal Success

Must-Have Software for Video Marketing

Networking with Members

Never Stop Blogging

Nine Common Video Making Mistakes

Nine Common Video Marketing Mistakes

Nine Content Ideas for Any Niche to End a Dry Spell

Nine Tips for Creating Content for EBooks

Nine Trends to Watch for in 2015

Nine Types of Online Marketing

Nine Ways to Create Buzz about Your Business

Nine Ways to Market Online via Email

Nine Ways to Participate in an Online Community

Nine Ways to Promote Your Membership Program

Nine Ways to Show Your Expertise When First Starting Out

Nine Ways to use Audio for Marketing

No – Guest Blogging Isn’t Out

Offer Exclusive One-on-One Opportunities

Offer Exclusive Teleseminars or Webinars

Online Marketing Tips for Home Business Owners

Online Reputation Management: What Is It?

Optimizing Video Blogs

Overall Customer Experience Optimization

Page Load Speed Improvement

Pillars of Mobile Marketing

Places You Can Run a PPC Marketing Campaign Right Now

Plan in Advance Based on Season and Products

PPC on a Small Budget

Products to Create for Passive Income

Promote Memberships with Kindle Books

Promote Your Blog Posts Proudly

Promoting Your Course

Pros and Cons of Working for Yourself

Provide High Value to Visitors

Providing Customers Value via Your Website

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Qualitative versus Quantitative Market Research

Quality over Quantity

Real-Time Content Marketing Tips

Real-Time Marketing: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Real-Time Search Strategies

Recycled Clothing Business

Reduce Bounce Rates

Remember the Call to Action

Repurposing Old Blog Posts into Videos

Secrets of Highly Effective Social Media Experts

Self-Sabotage: How to Recognize and Overcome It

Service-Based versus Product-Based Businesses

Should You Outsource Your Market Research?

Should You Pay Your Interns?

Social Media Marketing – Are You Controlling It or Is It Controlling You?

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

Software for Teleseminars

Software for Webinars

Software to Help Deliver Your Course

Software to Help You Start an Affiliate Program

Starting a Mastermind Group

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Solid Content Marketing Plan

Stop Guessing and Know What Works

Strategies for Crafting Beefy Copy without Being Wordy

Strengthen Your Local Presence

Structure of Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

Sustainable Event Planning

Teleseminar To Do List

Ten Common Mistakes Made When Hiring a VA

Ten Home Business Ideas That You Can Start with Very Little Money

Ten Lead Nurturing Tips

Ten Metrics to Track

Ten Reasons Businesses Need a VA

Ten Reasons Content Is Important for Marketing Your Business

Ten Reasons Membership Is Lucrative

Ten Reasons to Add Teleseminars to Your Schedule

Ten Reasons to Add Webinars

Ten Reasons to Market Using YouTube

Ten Reasons to Start an Affiliate Program

Ten Steps to Improving Your Online Reputation

Ten Things You Can Learn from Customer Feedback

Ten Tips for Creating a Professional Podcast

Ten Tips for Creating Videos That Convert

Ten Tips to Successful Affiliate Marketing

Ten Ways to Make Use of Online Communities in 2015

Ten Ways to Market Online with Video

Ten Ways to Promote Other People’s Products and Make Money

Ten Ways to Promote Your Membership Program

Ten Ways to Take Advantage of Industry Leaders’ Expertise

Ten Ways to Use Video for Marketing

The Google changes to algorithm can prove to be a benefit for your website design.

The Importance of a Great Website for Marketing

The Importance of Being Mobile-Friendly

The Importance of Getting Involved

The Importance of Having a Website with Regularly Updated Content

The Key to Continual Growth and Expansion

The Most Important Thing You Need When Hiring a VA

The Often Forgotten Elements of a Strong Brand

The Right Way to Guest Blog

The Science behind Multitasking

The Truth about Multitasking

Things to Consider When Creating a Content Plan for Your Blog

Tips for Creating Spectacular Product Demos

Tips for Finding Trained Content Marketing Professionals

Tips for Improving Your PPC Campaigns

Tips for Sharing Your Unique Voice and Vision with the World

Tips to Making Your Videos More Professional

Tools Needed to Be a Successful Virtual Assistant

Tools to Make Video Marketing Work

Tools to Use in Video Marketing

Top Apps to Help You Run Your Business Lean and Mean

Top Mistakes Made Online by Business Owners

Top Secrets for Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website that Passes Google Muster

Top Ten Home Business Ideas for Parents

Top Ten Legitimate Companies That Offer Work-at-Home Jobs

Top Virtual Assistant Task Requests

Tracking the Effectiveness of Guest Blogging

Turn Support Questions and Forum Discussions into Videos

Turning Your Videos into Other Products

Types of Content You Can Send via Your Email List

Understand Why You’re Writing a Blog Post

Understanding Customer-Centric Marketing

Understanding the AIDA Formula

Use the Tools Facebook Offers

Using a PPC Campaign to Build Your Lists Fast

Using Content to Strengthen Your Community Relationships

Using Digital Storytelling to Evoke Emotion

Using Facebook Ads Effectively

Using Interviews to Generate Content Topic Ideas

Using PPC to Build Your List

Using Shows and Events as Content Generators

Using Social Media to Build Your Online Presence

Using Social Media to Promote Videos

Using the Right Keywords for Your PPC Campaign

Using YouTube Videos on Your Website or Blog

Video Marketing Facts You Should Know

Webinar To-Do List

What a Virtual Assistant Does All Day

What Is a Documented Content Marketing Strategy and Why Do You Need One?

What Is a JV Partnership?

What Is Passive Income?

What Is Preventing Your Content from Working?

What Is Scaled Content?

What to Look For in an Online Community

What You Can Learn from Your Competitors’ Copy

What You Need for Offline Marketing to Be Successful

What You Should Include on Your Business Website

What’s Included in an Online Marketing Plan

When to Write a Press Release and How to Get It Published

Where to Find Great Intern Opportunities

Where to Find Great Interns

Where to Learn What You Need to Know

White Papers: What Are They and Why Should I Use Them?

Why a Lack of Integration Can Cost Sales

Why Business Relationships Are So Important

Why Email List Segmentation Is Important

Why Facebook Ads Work

Why Google Mobile Friendly Changes Matter

Why More Isn’t Always Better

Why Social Media Matters to Your Small Business

Why the Numbers Matter

Why Unique Content Matters Even with Guest Blogging

Why You Need a Contract as an Independent Contractor

Why You Need a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Why You Should Be Measuring Your Content ROI

Why You Should Enter a JV

Why You Should Run a PPC Campaign to Market Your Offerings

Why You Should Start a Membership Site

Why Your Business Needs Online Marketing

Writing Blog Posts That Promote Your Videos

Writing to Sell versus Writing to Communicate

You Must Have an Email List Today to Be Successful Online

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