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This bundle contains a full year of top quality content that you can edit and publish to save ensure you stay in touch with your followers. It includes articles that you can automatically upload and schedule to your blog using our handy WordPress plugin, reports to sell or use as opt-ins to build your mailing lists and emails to add to your autoresponder lists.

That’s 365 pieces of content all related to health and self-help. These were pulled from our archives from 2014-2015 and come with extras such as tweets, images and worksheets..

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Anxiety & Stress

21-Page Report: Natural and Lasting Freedom From Anxiety

Are You A Prisoner to Your Anxiety?

Health Issues Caused by Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Common Causes of Anxiety

Herbal Treatments & Anxiety Remedies

Hands on Treatments for Anxiety

Habits You Can Adopt to Reduce or Eliminate Anxiety

15 Articles:

What Causes Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

Twelve Surprising Facts about Panic Attacks

Understanding The Different Types of Anxiety Disorders

Am I Having a Panic Attack? Signs and Symptoms

Are Panic Attacks Hereditary?

Is Your Anxiety Caused by Stress?

Surprising Side Effects From Panic Attacks and Chronic Anxiety

Common Treatments for Panic and Anxiety

Is Exercise Really a Cure for Panic?

Herbs To Treat Anxiety?

Three Amazing Relaxation Techniques to Ease Anxiety & Stress

Why Children Suffer from Anxiety and What Parents Can Do About It

3 Habits You Can Adopt Today To Ease Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Can Aroma Therapy Ease Anxiety

Simple, Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety

30 Emails:

What Causes Panic Attacks?

Stress, A Slow Killer?

Do You Know The Three Types Of Stress?

Common Symptoms Of A Panic Attack

Helping Children Ease Anxiety

Three Common Causes Of Anxiety

Myths & Facts About Panic Attacks

Health Problems Caused By Anxiety

Review Panic-Away

The Hidden Dangers Of Panic Attacks

Relaxation – 3 Remedies to Anxiety

Three Tips to Manage Panic attacks

What To Do If You Suffer A Panic Attack While Driving

The Three Most Common Phobias And What You Can Do To Resolve Them

Does Anti-Anxiety Medicine Really Work?

Preventing Panic Attacks

How To Prevent Anxiety From Ruling Your Life

3 Simple Relaxation Techniques

The Link Between Depression And Anxiety

Panic & Anxiety, When To See A Doctor

Five Types Of Anxiety Disorders

Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder

Understanding General Anxiety Disorder

Common Anxiety Treatments

What Is Depersonalization & Derealization?

How To Stop Fear From Controlling Your Life

More Myths & Facts About Panic & Anxiety

Three Tips To Manage Anxiety Right Now

Can Vitamins And Supplements Ease Anxiety?

Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Motivation 15 articles + 15 Quote graphics

Courage is the Willingness to Try Again

Face Your Weaknesses to Find Your Strength

Greatness Starts with Believing in Yourself

How Men and Women Love Differently

How to be a Great Friend

How to Create Your Own Happiness

How to Feel Awesome All Day Long

How to Make a More Positive Impact on Your Own Life

How Volunteering Can Make You Happier

Laugh More Worry Less

Life is a Song – Sing it Like Nobody is Listening

The Art and Style of Self Confidence

The Art of Positive Goal Setting

The Power of Imagination and How to Kickstart Yours

Ways to Make Affirmations Work for You

Organization Articles

12 Month Organizing Plan

How to Clean Any Room Quickly

Tips to an Organize Entry Way

10 Tools Everyone Needs To Get and Stay Organized

Tips for Keeping your Family Organized

Kitchen Organization Tips

How to Help Children Get Organized

Laundry Room Storage Solutions

Ideas to Create Event, Errand and Chore Charts (for you and your family)

Secrets of Organized Families

Storage Solutions for Your Home

Strategies for an Organized Office

The Three Tier System

How To Create Your Own Cleaning Checklists

Crazy Clutter Killers – Unique Ideas to Get Rid Of Clutter Forever

Recycling Keeps Things Organized Around the House

Tips for Keeping the Playroom from Turning into a Toy Jungle

Seven Must-Have Items to Help Keep Your Garage Organized

Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Organized Without Being Cluttered

Donate Old or No Longer Used Items to Help Keep Things in Order

Kid’s Bedrooms – Fun and Organized Can Coincide

Ten Home D├ęcor Items that Combine Taste with Functionality

An Organized Home Office is a More Efficient Home Office

The House is Organized, but How Do I Keep it This Way?

Organize Your Kitchen So It’s Functional for You

Master Bedroom Organizational Tips

Closet Organizational Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Space

My Whole House is Disorganized…Where Do I Start?

Create a Spot Specifically for the Kids’ School Supplies in Your Home

Kids’ Toys: To Keep or Not to Keep?

Self Help Articles

6 Ways to Deal with the Stress in Your Life

Breaking Free From Negative Thoughts

Can You really Think Yourself Happy

How Important Is Goal Setting

How to Focus on Your Goals and Achieve More

How To Live a Balanced Life

Is Stress Getting You Down

Is Your Self-Esteem Letting You Down

Learning to Value Your Time

One Small Step at a Time

Overcoming Procrastination in a Few Easy Steps

Positive Thinking: A Powerful Tool

Time Management Techniques

What You Say Really Does Matter

Writing Effective To-Do Lists

Insomnia Articles

How to Get Good Sleep, Naturally

Insomnia Myths and Facts

Insomnia Home Remedies

Five Surprising Effects of Poor Sleep

Is It Time To See A Doctor For Your Insomnia?

Seven Habits That Promote Good Sleep

Five Surprising Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

15 Tips to Help You Get More Sleep

7 More Tips to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Which Type Of Insomnia Do You Have?

Five Common Causes for Insomnia

Common Treatments for Insomnia

How Doctors Diagnose Insomnia

What Is Restless Leg Syndrome and How Does It Affect Sleep?

Do You Have A Sleep Disorder?


22 Page Report: The Success Mindset – An A-Z Guide to Developing and Maintaining Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Common characteristics of entrepreneurs.  Do you have what it takes?

Learning lessons from entrepreneurs

The importance of positive thinking to your business – Including how to think positively

Setting SMART goals

Facing your business fears head on

How to keep going when you face tough times

Motivating yourself to work from home.  Establishing a structure that works for you.

Success Mindset Worksheet

Blueprint for Success: Steps to developing a success mindset

20 Page Report: Time Management for Entrepreneurs

What is time management

The effects of poor time management

How Good are You at Managing Your Time?

Creating Systems for Sustained Success

How Can Systems Benefit Your Business?

Using Tools and Resources

Common Time Management Mistakes and Myths

Expert Time Management Tips

Body Image Report, Articles & Emails

5-Page Report:  What Your Body Image Says About You

What Is Body Image?

Why Is Body Image Important?

How Does It All Go So Wrong? Where Does Your Body Image Come From?

The Most Important Elements of a Good Body Image

Five Simple Steps to Feel Better about Your Body


How to tell if you have a negative body image

Five Steps to improve your body image today

Affirmations to help you embrace and love your body

How a negative body image affects your loved ones

Why a positive body image can change your life


Body Image, Can You Fake It until You Make It?

How to Combat the Media’s “Perfect Body” Body Image and Feel Good about Yourself

How to Transform the Way You Feel about Your Body

Three Steps to a Better Body Image

The Pitfalls of Comparing Yourself to Others

And More!

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