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Book A Day System Discount Coupon Code >> Annual Plan $200 Off Promo Deal

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Use the special Book A Day System discount code above and save yourself Annual Plan $200 off your next purchase of Book A Day System by Bill Platt, Di Heuser.

Remember that the deal listed here is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time.

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She was creating and publishing 8 books in the eight hours that most of us spend sitting around imagining what life could be like without a job.

She doesn’t publish books every day, and she published most of these books when she still had one of those full-time jobs!

Especially given that a lot of these books are just 30, 52, 90 pages of blank lines!

Then after her work day was done, she would run errands, come home and feed the dogs and herself, then she would sit down to finish her work.

Let’s take a look at the Historical Sales Numbers and Prices of some of the Journals available on Amazon…

Now she has a huge inventory of books that is going to take care of her financially for the rest of her life.

Before her head hit the pillow each night, she would have published 8 more print books through Createspace to be sold on Amazon!

She produces books under dozens of pen names, to give people the ability to see each of her books as being different from other similar books.

But please bear in mind that if you were offered a coupon to get access to a larger plan, the coupons that you might have been offered are always limited time offers.

Every author that I know who has topped the five-figures per month in book royalties level has pointed back to say, “I got here, because I didn’t quit — even when the chances of success seemed so remote to me, I kept going forward…”

I could pay $2 to get 100-sheets of notebook paper and put it in my three-ring binder to use as my diary.

This program is operated by Bill Platt and Di Heuser, both of whom are veterans in book publishing, both as book authors and helping others to learn how to publish books.

This video is the short version that will show you what is inside the website and what you are going to get for your money…

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