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Reveal Discount : Lifetime $1149 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

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Reveal, take the wheel

Kick back and relax while Reveal automates, tracks, and manages your Facebook Ads

Not gonna lie, seeing your Facebook ad campaigns consistently hitting a positive ROI is an awesome feeling... like scoring the game-winning point or waking up before your alarm.

But once you start to scale up and are running multiple campaigns, it can be a hassle diving into Facebook’s Ad Manager every time you want an update or report.

Especially if you’re running campaigns for clients who all want to stay in the loop.

Fortunately, he has found an incredible tool that handles these automations and insights for you.

Meet: Reveal.

Reveal is a tool that lets you set rules and goals for your social media campaigns and then manages ad performances for you.

Reveal has the most advanced rule constructor in the game. (No, we aren't talking about your mom, sophomore year of high school.)

This rule constructor can create highly custom automation rules from a full list of metrics and various actions. (Metrics even include Facebook Pixel and custom conversions.)

Reveal takes over and manages ads for you based off of the rules you've set. Start/pause campaigns, increase/decrease bids and budget, all automatically.

Staying up-to-date with your ad activity is simple because of Reveal's Slack integration.

Being integrated with Slack means that you and your team are notified every time a rule you've set is triggered, or when someone takes a bite out of your taco.

In addition to being notified when a rule is triggered, you can also send daily, scheduled reports with a custom set of metrics.

These reports are great for agencies trying to keep clients in the loop or for companies trying to make sure their marketing team is all on the same page.

Despite a few competitors in this space, none combine the simple, yet powerful ability of Reveal at such an affordable price .

Reveal was created to take ad automation to the next level and to make your life that much easier.

You no longer need to spend hours tracking ads, creating reports, or managing ads. Key advantages in using Reveal are metric comparisons, custom conversions and ROAS, nested rules, set bids and budget actions, detailed rule logs, and notifications to Slack and email.

Reveal does these things for you so you focus your energy on more important things, like, finding out who keeps dipping into your salsa at work. (I've got my eyes on you, Anthony.)

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