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Food Preservation PLR Coupon Discount Code >> 50% Off Promo Deal

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Do you know where your food comes from? We used to rely on locally grown anpreserving food plrd harvested food that was produced and sold right in our communities. Now food is shipped across the country and even across the globe before it hits our local stores. Over the past few years there’s been a renewed interested in local, high quality food that’s grown organically. We buy fruits and veggies at the local farmers market, cook grass fed beef, and get locally raised eggs whenever possible. All in an effort to eat healthier, more natural foods.

If you’re lucky enough to find a local farmer to buy a bunch of fresh produce, or you’re growing some of your own in the garden, or even if you come across a deal at the farmers market that’s just too good to pass up, you need to find a way to preserve all that precious bounty. That’s what this PLR bundle is all about.

With a renewed interest in eating whole food and knowing more about where our food is coming from, comes the need to know how to “put up” things. We’re talking about canning, pickling, dehydrating, freezing and the likes. Help your audience rediscover these old-fashioned skills that our grandparents grew up with.

We’ve put together an extensive PLR pack with lots of content to help you get up and running quickly in this profitable food, and healthy living niche. There’s even a lot of cross appeal if you’re in the survival niche.

Your Preserving The Harvest PLR Bundle Includes:

Short Report (2,442words)

The “The Importance Of Eating Local, Seasonal Food ” report will teach your readers about the benefits of buying and eating foods in season.

Topics include:

What Is Local Food?

The Importance Of Eating Seasonal Food

Where To Find Local Food

Eating Local, Seasonal Food On A Budget

Eating Well Throughout The Year By Preserving Local Foo

This would make a great lead magnet to help you build your list.

10 Quality PLR Articles (4,935 words)

Use these articles as stand alone posts, or a series on the basics of food preservation.

Five Ways To Preserve and Store Produce

Where To Find Great Deals On Produce To “Put Up”

Easy Ways To Get Started With Canning

Simple Tips For Freezing Fresh Produce

A Quick Guide To Getting Started Dehydrating Food

Different Ways To Make Jellies and Jams

How To Decide What To Can, What To Freeze And What To Dehydrate

How And Where To Store Your Produce To Make It Last

The Benefits Of Pickling Fruits and Vegetables

Eating Local and Seasonal Year Round With Old Fashioned Food Preservation Methods.

And more!!

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