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Our most recent addition has just been uploaded to the IM Coupons site. You may have been longing for this for quite some time, and as a result it is finally here. There's the full entry available in the web page link listed below. Have fun!

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One of the big keys to a successful lead magnet is to create something that your prospects are going to refer to again and again. That way they keep seeing your links and calls to action repeatedly.

End result? More clicks, higher conversions, more sales.

Now if you're using the Post Gopher WordPress plugin to turn your blog posts into lead magnets, then you need to think about what kind of articles people will reference repeatedly. The bonus here is that this strategy gets people bookmarking and re-visiting your blog posts too. It's a win-win.

Let's share with you some of the best kinds of posts and lead magnets you can create to get people clicking on your links...

Gear Lists: These are lists of tools or resources that people in your niche need to complete a task. For example, you might share your favorite social media tools.

Checklists: This is a great tool when there are a lot of steps to a task or things to remember. For example, you might offer travelers a packing checklist.

Work Sheets: Think of these as tools to help people take action. For example, you can give those in debt a budget management worksheet.

Templates: These are tools to save your audience time and money. For example, you can give marketers a sales letter template.

Tools and Accessories: These include anything that help your prospects achieve a goal. For example, you might offer dieters meal plans and recipes.

In-Depth Info: If you can give readers in-depth instruction on how to complete some process or achieve their goals, you can bet they'll reference your content again and again.

So you get the point - if you create content that your readers will reference repeatedly, then you'll be rewarded with more clicks and sales.

As mentioned, you should be doing this with both your blog posts and your lead magnets. And to make this strategy super easy, you can turn your blog posts into lead magnets using Post Gopher. It's a great way to repurpose your best content and build your list.

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