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Rebranding Your Business Discount : Launch Special $100 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

Our latest update has recently been placed on the IM Coupons web site. It's likely you have been anticipating this for a long time, and thus it is finally here. There is a full entry available from the website link listed below. Enjoy!

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Take advantage of the temporary Rebranding Your Business discount link above and save Launch Special $100 off your subscription of Rebranding Your Business by Sharyn Sheldon, Content Sparks.

Remember that the special offer listed here is available for a limited time only, and may expire at any time.

Simply click the Red Banner Link above and it will direct you to the Rebranding Your Business special offer page so you can grab your special offer price.

*If the particular bargain above has expired, just use the search box up above to get the most current available deals, discounts and bargains for this item.


There are a number of similarities between PLR and Brandable Content (also called Ready-to-Go or Done-for-You Content), but the products we sell at Content Sparks are often higher end, more extensively researched, written by professionals, and a lot more ‘finished’ and ready to use. Every PLR or brandable content creator uses different terms, so read the details carefully.

The calendar has been divided into weekly parts to give your clients an overall idea of how muh completing each area might take.

And when they did, the content was sometimes outsourced to non-native English speakers.  

This differs on an individual basis. Think about your audiences’ learning styles, where they’re located (i.e., do they need to travel if it’s a live event), the time zones they are in, and technology available to them for starters.

"When it comes to premium customizable content, look no further than Sharyn's suite of products. This is beautifully researched and exquisitely crafted material. Even if you don't end up modifying and rebranding it for your own business, you're guaranteed to find the content itself incredibly useful. Sharyn's trainings drive even greater value into the customer equation; don't miss them. I've been in marketing for over three decades, and Sharyn and her team continue to impress me with each new release.  

Watch as I open up the course folders and show you EXACTLY what content you'll get and how it works...

If you don’t think you or your customers can benefit from this content, let us know in the first 7 days, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.  

And instead of paying $5,000+, you’ll get the course content, instructor materials, promotion materials AND bonuses, all for this special low price...

Once your clients have been through the Rebranding Your Business course, they'll be ready to put what they've learned into practice. 

For eBook

1 Microsoft Office or equivalent

2 PDF converter

3 Place to host your ebook for delivery 

For Video

1 Screen capture software, or ability to record from slide software, (e.g. Powerpoint)

2 A place to host videos, (or YouTube)

3 Headset

4 Video editing software (ideally)

Soon after starting my very first small business, I found myself stuck...  

Depending on the method in which you present the content, you will need a few different tools. For example, here are a few things you might need:  

"I had to come up with something on short notice…. I had purchased Mastering Mind Maps previously and was able to quickly put together a one hour presentation.... and it only took about an hour to create. It would have easily been 40 hours of work for me from scratch. This was a real life saver!"

To answer that, first I have to tell you a bit about why Content Sparks was created... 

Click on the Rebranding Your Business website link above to check out the salespage…

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