Thursday, August 8, 2019

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Description : Your readers are hungry for fresh information. They see people dropping major poundage on the keto diet. They see people eating bacon… lots of bacon. How can this be??

Now, you can feed them delicious tidbits, helpful hints, and of course amazing recipes thanks to our brand-new, done-for-you 30 Days of Keto Menu Plans PLR content.

This breakthrough eating plan continues to rage in popularity as the medically supported go-to diet for losing weight by purposely altering the body chemistry to burn fat as fuel and kick carbs to the curb.

Maybe you’ve already published some fantastic keto and low-carb PLR articles that you purchased through Wordfeeder PLR or one of our friendly online partners who also supply done-for-you content.

That’s great! You’re collecting new subscribers. Your people want to know how to be successful on the ketogenic diet. Your content is helping them!

But now it’s time to help them take it a step further.

Our 30 days of healthy, nutritious, creative low-carb recipes will open their eyes to the amazingly healthy and flavor-full choices they have while eating a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet.

But first! Let me fire you up with some eye-opening stats on this new way of shopping, cooking and eating that isn’t going away any time soon, and is ONLY getting more popular with each year that passes.

Officially trending with Silicon Valley’s Elite as of spring 2017… and it’s not going away anytime soon!

Named one of the hottest health and wellness trends to watch for in 2017. A quick Google search brings up medical texts detailing ketogenic diet clinical trials and it’s positive impact on metabolic and cardiovascular health.

Touted as a dieting alternative for diabetics and people who struggle with obesity.


They will learn how to get past “eggs and bacon”. There are plenty of absolutely delicious, healthy and carb-free or extremely low-carb menu options for your keto-hungry readers to devour with guilt-free gusto.

They will learn how to avoid giving in to their intense hangry feelings when out and about thanks to our low-carb lunch box ideas.

They will learn how to transform ho-hum leftovers into amazingly delicious meals that their family members won’t even recognize… a new and exciting dinner EVERY time!

They will learn that there’s so much more to green veggies than just spinach and broccoli, plus get amazing yet simple recipes for intense flavor and balanced nutrition with every bite.

They will learn that they can STILL manage to feed everyone in their family or household at dinner time, even if some people are doing low-carb and some are not. It’s all about making versatile entrees and learning to keep the carbs on the side.

They will learn how to make keto French toast, keto pancakes, keto “fat bombs” and other permissible goodies to whip out when the carb monster strikes…

They will learn how incredibly easy it is to incorporate bone broth into everyday recipes for an extra boost of calcium, minerals and other vital nutrients. (Old timers still know about this near-forgotten method of delivering nutrition to your family economically… we’re bringing back smart, budget-friendly strategies like this one).

They will receive a plethora of keto-friendly smoothie recipes that supply drinkable fiber and nutrition from green veggies and keto-friendly fruits, and can easily be tweaked with a bit of Swerve sweetener.

They will learn about Japanese “miracle noodles” that have almost NO calories and a miniscule portion of carbs.

They will learn what to order when out at a restaurant… plus, which types of restaurants offer the best keto-friendly meal options.

They will get a list of carb counts of commonly eaten foods for easy reference when cooking and eating…

…and of course… so many mouth-watering, simple-to-make low-carb recipes!

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