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This is not a story about paid traffic, but it is a story about phenomenal ROI.

It was Winter of 2016/2017 and one of my customers was really struggling to grow his ad agency. So I showed him a marketing strategy I use when my back is against the wall.

It’s a certain type of blog post that has a very high chance of going viral.

Not viral like “aintnobodygottimefodat” or “charlie bit me” viral.

I mean viral within a market.

It worked.

At first it was just a bunch of retweets.

But then the big bloggers started getting wind of it and a major venture capital firm asked to re-blog it.

From there the owners of Hubspot got wind, Dharmesh Shah even reached out to give him props on the article. As well as Noah Kagan, Sean Ellis, and a bunch of other tech influencers.

Which was fortunate, because this is the market Chris and I targeted with this strategy.

This blog post was first published in February of 2017 and the retweets didn’t start fading off until July of 2017!

We didn’t use SEO.

We didn’t bribe any influencers.

He had no affiliates, it was a blog post not a launch.

We didn’t hack any funnels or research hashtags.

We did put a handful of dollars into an FB ad just to get things started, but just enough to get the first few shares going.

It’s just a very specific method of doing content marketing using psychology and a little math.

And when done right, creates dramatic results reliably.

It’s not something that needs luck, because as I said this is something we deploy when our backs against the wall.

Which is not a time for luck!

Sure enough, Chris isn’t struggling anymore. He’s literally head hunted by the biggest companies in tech.

Since that winter of 2016/2017 he’s driven over 1.7 million free clicks with these content marketing strategies.

And not with a lot of blog posts either.

This is not “write until your fingers bleed” kind of strategy. You only need a dozen or so good pieces of content over the course of a year to do what Chris does.

We’d like to teach you the strategy.

Cuz it’s summer now, but Winter is coming.

Good news for you is we are celebrating with a 50% off sale because Chris is now working 100% full time on this partnership of ours.

For years he was the behind the scenes guy driving millions of clicks for companies who hired him.

Now he’s working 100% with you, to do the same for you.

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