Saturday, June 13, 2020

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Description : Amazon has a ton of books, over 100,000 titles and videos on weight loss.

Being fat leads to major health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.

Why is this important? It gives you the opportunity to offer more than one diet or weight loss product.

You could spend hundreds of hours of your time researching, writing and editing your own content. How much is that amount of time worth? Think of how you could use that time to build your online and offline business instead.

Hi, I’m Dee Power. My Writing partner, Brian Hill, and I provide you with well-researched and well-written content.

Over 50% of the population in the United States is considered overweight or obese. And the trend is increasing.

Think of the cost if you hired someone on a freelance basis to research this topic and write all of this content.

Readers all over the world have paid good cash money to buy our books.

Millions of readers have clicked on and viewed the thousands, that’s right thousands of articles and web content we have written for online publishers.

No refunds on this product.

There are only 3 restrictions. 1. Do not put my name as author. 2. Do not resell as PLR. 3. Do not resell the photos.

Promote your site and build your mailing list by giving away this content when readers sign up.

There’s only three things you can’t do with this material: Resell it as PLR, sell the photo graphs/images or use my name or Brian’s as the author.

Content available for sale is plentiful, but most of it is not up to your standards and the standards you set for your online business. Give your business the best chance of attracting readers–potential customers–by providing them with premium quality content written by internationally selling authors.

Confused about how to get started on your weight loss program? Don’t know which program will work for you? Can’t figure out the difference between low carb and low calorie? Or maybe you’d like to try that Paleo or Green smoothie diet everyone has been talking about. Tips to Lose Weight Fast answers those questions and more.

With all this content it’s almost like getting a turnkey product without you doing any of the work.

Position yourself as a subject matter expert and sell more of your products and services online and offline.

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