Saturday, June 13, 2020

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Description : Today, Upwork is the premier platform for top companies to hire and work with the world’s most talented independent professionals. We’re creating a world of unmatched talent and opportunity, where global teammates who are thousands of miles apart can work together seamlessly.

As Scott shows you need to spend time on what you are good at and outsource the other tasks.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is getting into podcasting, or who may be struggling to get everything done and have success with their podcast

Well worth the price just for that advise and insights he then provides.

You are an important contributor to this course, please, introduce yourself. Network with your fellow students. Participate. And ask questions.

Outsourcing your Podcast with PodAssist. Scott talks with Matt Mawhinney about how how he helps Podcasters get their message out into the world.

This course on outsourcing is exactly what I needed. Hearing the instructor talk about how he too had to go through a number of people he outsource work to, to finally find the right person to get the work done and on time is exactly the message I needed to hear.

A merger with oDesk, another online staffing platform, was confirmed in December 2013. The deal was finalized in April 2014 and the two companies will create a resource that consists of 8 million freelancers and 2 million businesses.

By outsourcing you’ll be able to produce your Podcasts faster and spend only a fraction of what you would have otherwise expensed in time and money.

Scott teaches non-violent communication techniques that help managers live healthier productive lives.

Producing Podcasts requires a wide range of skills: Audio editing, writing, uploading, finding guests and scheduling them then thanking them and a whole lot more. The problem is that each task may only take a couple hours, but:

Thanks for the review, Stephen. Sorry you didn’t think it was applicable to outsourcing your podcast. We talk with two companies that outsource about how they work, and discuss UpWork one of the top outsourcing sites in the world. Please feel free to pm me with any specific questions you have that you don’t think the course answered that it should have.

Scott Paton, the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology, has been using outsourcers for the past seven years to produce products, like his Podcasting platform, he could never have made himself, to save time and money on projects he could never have completed himself.

The combination of the Amazon story and the recent study into the impact of work-related stress means that there are important questions that all organisations should ask themselves.

Very very helpful advice, in nice short videos (10 minutes but less than 30)

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