Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Hey its Melissa Ingold here with Nicole Dean and we are going to be talking about how you can easily and effortlessly create a 10k per month recurring income stream.

Yay okay so we are going to be sharing a couple different things with you so these are tools that you can leverage in your business so that you don't have to spend all of your time in front of the computer writing, creating and you can really just get it done and get back to doing the things that you absolutely love doing because we don't want you to procrastinate because that's what happens when something takes too long or it sounds like too much work you just put it off oh I'll start working on that next week oh yeah you know six months go by and like damn I still haven't created that that program that I wanted to create and so...

We're going to show you a few different things that will help you just kind of really take the work out of all of that and if you really sit down and and use these tools there's no reason why you can actually just launch your new program within an hour - like right away.

When things are overwhelming we don't put a lot at all this is what we do that's human nature which is why at Coach Glue we help coaches to overcome that you know we don't want you to be sitting in front of your computer facing roadblocks day after day and not knowing what to start with or or how to design your programs how to create group coaching programs do all the great things we can help you with so we hope this video training helps clarify how you can use our content just like a lot of your competition is and infuse you into it make your own unique recurring program that earns you money month after month after month working hopefully in around an hour a month.

And not including marketing time because we always have to build in marketing time so people know about your program and they can sign up for it okay so the first thing we want to talk to you about is our awesome teach your tribe program which was created exactly with this in mind and you actually surprised you want to tell them Melissa you get this package so we're not trying to sell you this package we're actually giving it to you can get the downloaded under this video because we want you to be able to poke around and start to see what you can do with the Coach Glue content so...

I'll go ahead go ahead and let you tell them about what teacher tribe is well basically if you want to create an ongoing program and this is what the training is about it's about creating a recurring income stream in your business without having to invest a lot of work and a lot of time into keeping it going because then you know like we just said if it takes a lot of work a lot of time you procrastinate or them you may be excited and launch it but then the momentum just starts to die off you know because you're not it's it's so much work that you just don't want to keep it running all right so...

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