Thursday, September 21, 2017

Traffic And Leads Training Academy DISCOUNT >> $298.50 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

The new IM Coupons addition is at last here. Cheers for patiently waiting as well as for your whole support over the past couple of weeks. We will let you know additional information as they are introduced. For the time being, full details in the link below.

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Make use of the temporary Traffic And Leads Training Academy discount link above and get a special $298.50 off your purchase of Traffic And Leads Training Academy by Jeff Johnson.

Bear in mind that the deal listed here is valid for a short time only, and may expire at any time.

Simply click on the Red Banner Link you see above and it will direct you to the Traffic And Leads Training Academy special deal page to get your discounted subscription.

* In the event that this deal has ended, then please take advantage of the search box at the top of this post to get new promotions and discount bargains for this item.

All the risk is on me to deliver everything I've said it is, and more.

So what are you waiting for… the clock is ticking and your time is running out…

What to test, and when to test it (how to get better results, faster!)

Phase 2 continues to reinforce why they need to stay on your list and read your emails. It also helps you lower their resistance to being sold, offer Social Proof, encourage Social Media Engagement, overcome objections before they occur, and introduce the "opportunity" (what you are trying to sell them) in a non-threatening way. Plus a step-by-step walkthrough of a real life example from one of my most successful products.

Almost every successful business or person I've met who markets online... and I've met thousands of them... almost every single last one of them started with just one name on their email list, including me.

How to easily turn one lead magnet into multiple lead magnets… and increase your opt-in rate conversions by up to 500% at the very same time.

And the one thing I know with absolute certainty is that you do NOT need a huge list to make a lot of money online...

For two solid days I delivered nothing but 100% pure Traffic-Getting and List-Building strategies and techniques that are designed to produce almost immediate (and super-profitable) results in your business.

What a lead magnet is, and why you should be using one to grow your list, 11 rules for designing the "perfect" lead magnet, and 10 types of proven lead magnets that you should be using to collect more leads and grow your list, faster.

By Phase 4 they have either purchased your product or service or they haven't. Either way… during Phase 4 you work on selling them more of your own products and services as well as Affiliate products. I discuss my "Circle Of Money" philosophy and how you can use it to double your overall sales, maximize your earnings as an Affiliate, and also how to use it for competitive intelligence to create new products and services of your own.

Here's just a very small preview of the list-building secrets you will discover as you watch your new content-packed training videos...

High quality incoming links are still one of the single biggest ranking factors that Google looks at so I give a brief overview of why incoming links still matter, and I explain several fundamental concepts such as Link Juice, Link Love, Page Rank, Trust Rank, and Authority Sites.

Guest presenter Scott Spink reveals his secrets for selling more of your products on Amazon including tips on ranking higher inside the Amazon search engines, as well as driving traffic from other sources such as Google and your blog.

Click on the Traffic And Leads Training Academy site link shown above for details on this item…

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