Thursday, September 21, 2017

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I spent a week in the mountains this summer, and while I was there I went on the zip line with my girly and freaking scary to step off the security of that solid platform and into the air, but what a rush, lol!

Honestly, the only reason I did it was because I don't want my chickee to be afraid to try new things. While I imagined plummeting to my death, all she could see was how much fun it was going to be whizzing through the air. And that's how I want her to go through life...not holding herself back because of what might happen (and probably never will).

So anyway, I do have something pretty cool to share with you today that can help you spark your next big book, product, blog post, video, or livestream idea...

Whenever you feel stuck for what to create your next product about, or what to write for your next blog post, or even book - just pull out my 2,080 topic ideas folder and see if anything grabs your attention.

Just to give you a sense of what these are like...I just opened up the time management topic idea file, so here are the first 10 (of 50) ideas:

1. How to use time blocks to focus and be more productive.

2. How to make your work space more efficient for better time management.

3. How and why to set priorities for your work day.

4. Smart time management habits to integrate into your routine.

5. How to stop procrastinating and get more done.

6. __ Reasons you’re procrastinating and what to do about it.

7. What’s your time management personality?

8. _ Common time management mistakes people make.

9. How to schedule your time and be more productive.

10. How to use self-discipline to explore your time management practices.

You could use those topics to write 10 blog posts, record 10 videos, or use each one as a section in your book!

Here's a list of the 2,080 topic categories you'll get:

59 Entrepreneur Mindset Content Topic Ideas

50 Instagram Content Topic Ideas

50 Virtual Events Content Topic Ideas

100 Affiliate Marketing Content Topic Ideas

100 Blogging Content Topic Ideas

57 Content Marketing Content Topic Ideas

57 Copywriting & Conversions Content Topic Ideas

100 Email Marketing Content Topic Ideas

59 Entrepreneur Mindset Content Topic Ideas

50 Periscope Content Topic Ideas

100 Facebook for Business Content Topic Ideas

100 Google+ Content Topic Ideas

100 Kindle Publishing Content Topic Ideas

100 LinkedIn Content Topic Ideas

52 Niche Marketing Content Topic Ideas

100 Offline Marketing Content Topic Ideas

100 Pinterest Content Topic Ideas

100 Podcasting Content Topic Ideas

100 Social Media Content Topic Ideas

50 Time Management Content Topic Ideas

97 Time Management & Organization Topic Ideas

100 Twitter for Business Content Topic Ideas

100 Video Marketing Content Topic Ideas

58 Website Traffic Content Topic Ideas

100 WordPress Content Topic Ideas

100 YouTube Content Topic Ideas

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