Monday, September 25, 2017

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Because passive income is one of the most powerful parts of our businesses, we decided to do something unheard of...

We have a 50% off coupon for you to use on our Passive Income Planner through tomorrow, Sept. 26th to help you monetize different areas of your business. Of course, not only can you use this awesome planner yourself, but you can also teach your clients how you used the planner in your business, and then sell them training with the planner - cool right?

Setting up passive income streams in your business can mean:

Freedom to focus on your family.

Freedom to focus on your health.

Freedom to travel.

But it's even more than freedom. It's about peace of mind and security, too.

If something happens where you can't work for awhile or someone you love NEEDS you for a period of time, you can focus on them. Whether it's something small like a headache (so you want to crawl into bed) or something more serious, you don't have to have your face in your computer or your phone OR worry about money. You can just BE in that moment and focus on what's important.

Of course your income obviously won't continue to grow indefinitely without some effort on your part, BUT it will continue to bring in money for a period of time. This is probably ideal for your lifestyle, compared to hourly work or the "launch model" of feast and famine.

That's what passive income means to use. And that's what we want for you.

So grab this planner and put it to use today.

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