Friday, September 22, 2017

InstaGenius COUPON Discount Code *> 8% Off Promo Deal

A new update was recently issued to the IM Coupons daily discounts category. You should check out the full highlights relating to this update by simply clicking on the web link further down. More updates just around the corner whenever time will allow

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Take advantage of the limited-time only InstaGenius promo code above and get a special 8% off your purchase of InstaGenius by Cindy Donovan.

Take note that the deal listed here is available for a limited time only, and may expire at any time.

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This is the ultimate plugin for making more profits and building targeted lists on your blog - 100% handsfree.

Install the Wordpress plugin

Connect your Amazon & Autoresonder accounts

(or multiple accounts if you want to offer searches for more than one country)

That's it.

Instagenius displays a widget (image of your choice) offering your website visitors a free 'price watch' service.

When they search for items they want, it offers buyer advice, which they'll get when they sign up to your subscriber list.

The plugin automatically tracks prices on Amazon for them.

When a price goes on sale - or we find a recommended product (based on our clever algorithms), a hyper-targeted email autoresponder sequence goes into action for you:

- Closing the sale (they've already shown interest!)

- Upsells related products

- Does it all COMPLETELY handsfree

The plugin comes preloaded with customisable email sequences that automatically input the products they've shown interest in - when it goes on sale, taking advantage of time-limited sales and cross selling like never before.

So Freaking Simple A Guy With A Watermelon For A Head Could Make Money With It!

From: Cindy Donovan

To: Anyone wanting an eCom sales shortcut and hands-free affiliate income streams with Amazon

Q: Exactly what are Builders Legal rights?

A: When you can see, it is possible to develop these sustainable companies promptly & easily, once you've done a couple of them you will be ready to develop these income streams FAST - so we want you to profit faster still - by giving you the license to SELL websites you generate using our theme and plugins. Make one for no more than the cost of a domain - and sell them for $100's or - for more established ones, even $1,000's!

I'm pretty sure I don't need to waste time on this page explaining WHY making money as an Amazon affiliate is a good idea

(um.. 1.4billion dollars paid out to affiliates in 2016 alone?!?)

Easy To Use Admin Dashboard

Quick & Simple Setup

100% Newbie Friendly

Prewritten, Customisable Email Templates

Choose How Many Followup Emails Are Sent

Select Number Of Products Shown In Followups

Unsubscribe/Subscribe Function (CAN-SPAM Compliant)

Shortcodes In Emails For More Flexibility

Easy Autoresponder Integration, Works With:

AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact

Complete Automation After 5min Setup

Every search your website visitors make on this popup will display targeted Amazon products with YOUR affiliate ID added in, so every click can make you money, as your OWN visitors make their own ads right before their eyes.

This is true 'set and forget' income.

You simply install the plugin, add your affiliate details, choose the keywords you want it to search and post for you, how often you want it to find new products to post (with your affiliate links!) and let it run.

Now it is possible to use a Wordpress plugin does it all for you, making Amazon commissions for you easier than you ever dreamed probable.

For an unlimited number of monitored products to an unlimited number of bargain hungry subscribers!

Now is your chance to make completely handsfree income with Amazon AND make your list at the same time.

These people are the ones who go to the grocery store for milk and come home with car ready to burst.

So where is all the hype then? There have been plugins that add targeted Amazon products to your site before...

Giving them What precisely they want, at a price they're excited to pay and offering extra suggestions too!

Click on the InstaGenius website link above for information about this product…

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