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Bulletproof Mind PLR COUPON Discount Code @ 58% Off Promo Deal

A totally new addition was recently posted to the IM Coupons daily promotions section. You should check out the full details for this update by clicking on the web link listed below. More updates out soon when ever time permits

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Use the temporary Bulletproof Mind PLR offer deal code above and save 58% off your purchase of Bulletproof Mind PLR by Edmund Loh, Alex Hui, Manifest Workers.

Bear in mind that the deal listed here is valid for a short time only, and may expire without notice.

Simply click on the Red Banner Link you see above to reveal and copy your Bulletproof Mind PLR discount code and use it to get your discounted subscription.

*If the deal given here has expired, just use the search box above to find the most recently released available deals, discounts and bargains for this particular item.

Within the Personal Growth industry, there's a lot of discussion on mindset and mental strength training.

So it's no surprise this manifests in a form of constant complaining, helplessness and victimhood.

What do you do the moment your visitor joins your list? Send the first email! Then the second, then the next... then the next... Everyday.

Sure, you want to make money... but not everyone buys on first contact and that's a fact. So what do you do with the rest of the traffic that aren't buying from you on first impression? It would make sense to collect their names and email address first - so you can follow-up with them later!

The training program is designed to help any individual to not only cope with life's adversities and challenges -- but to conquer mental barriers, exceed goals and create breakthroughs.

The best way to get people onto your list is to offer a 'bribe' in the form of value content. In this case, it's a special report that was written to be congruent with the main offer.

I know this won't turn heads, but it's still many times better than most people earning NOTHING out there.

But the thing about me is, I like opening up doors and bringing opportunities.

As long as you can help people and inspire people, that's the only credential you need to succeed here!

The more emails you send, the more sales you can close. So I've taken the liberty to write you a starting set of follow-up email series to load into your autoresponder - and I suggest they go on a DAILY interval.

To help you sell in the fastest time possible, I've written for you a sales page and thank you page that you can use right away. It's not uncommon to spend at least a small fortune hiring a copywriter. And even if you try doing it yourself, writing a good copy can take at least several days.

With the PDF E-Book, you can sell it as it is or read for your own. But with the Private Label Rights license, why stop there? You get the Word version of this product, allowing you to edit the contents, change the title, add your name or pen name, put in links or affiliate links, and more...

While the Graphics have been done beautifully for you (as you can see for yourself) if you or someone else you know are familiar with Photoshop, you can also modify the Graphics to have your name, change the title, and even include your website address if you want!

Look at all the bestsellers on ClickBank and JVZoo and they have one thing in common: sales videos. So it makes sense to include a professionally done sales video to go with your sales page.

And because it's done for you, you don't have to hire a videographer or do your own. The MP4 video, audio and transcript for this sales video is included.

Click on the Bulletproof Mind PLR website link above for information on this product…

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