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NicheJet Authority Sites COUPON Discount Code #> $100 Off Promo Deal

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It's been close to 15 years now since my business partners and I made our first bit of money online ... each individually. We each have our own starting point, but one thing is the same for us all -- one of our first online revenue sources was Adsense.

Adsense is probably the most exciting way to make money online, because it's so EASY! Just copy and paste your ad code to your website, and as long as you have the ads in the right spot and your site doesn't scare the visitors off immediately, you're just about guaranteed to make some money!

Even if you only have a little traffic, if you have a nice site that is setup well and you have your ads in the right spots, you're very likely to see your Adsense balance increase every day, maybe even every hour or minute (as we do)!

Yes, our Adsense balance is increasing by the minute! If I check it now, and then check again before I'm done writing this email, it will have increased a good amount.

As a matter of fact, since January of last year, we've earned $188,247.82 from Adsense alone!

So, that begs the question, "How do we do it?" The answer: Decades of combined experience, trial and error, testing, and learning.

OK, I admit, that's a pretty broad and disappointing answer. So let me get more specific:

Over the years we've learned that the KEY to BIG Adsense revenue is setting up your site in a specific way. Having the RIGHT ads (Adsense offers loads of options) in the RIGHT spots (most people put them in the wrong spots), with the right kind of site.

This allows us to make MUCH more money with FAR less traffic! That is what successful online business owners do. They learn how to maximize the value of each site visitor, rather than spending time, money and effort on the never-ending uphill battle of trying to drive MASSIVE traffic!

If you have a swipe file where you store BIG tips, I highly recommend you copy that last paragraph and add it to it. Then make it bold, italics... it's that important.

So what if you want to replicate this method and make some extra money each month from Adsense?

Well, you'll need two things:

1. A traffic source. It DOESN'T have to be massive to make good money. Pinterest, Facebook Groups, discussion forums, Answer sites, etc. are all good options. Even if you can generate just 50 visitors a day you will make some money with Adsense IF you have ...

2. A high-quality, Adsense Optimized Site - THIS, as I've already stated, is the most important part of it all. It is also where most people go wrong. People setup up bad, poorly optimized sites, send traffic, make next to nothing in Adsense revenue and then they quit, saying Adsense just doesn't pay enough. (Of course you'll need your own Adsense account for this, which is free. Just apply at if you don't have one.)

THIS is where we come in, Allen!

My team has been building these sites regularly for years and they are available to build one, or more, of these sites for you!

We're going to take all of the guess work out for you, and we're going to build YOU a highly-optimized Niche Adsense Authority Site to the exact specs we use for our own sites, that earn us hundreds in DAILY Adsense revenue!

Click on the NicheJet Authority Sites website link shown above for information about this product…

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