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Work Management Hacks for Creative Entrepreneurs COUPON Discount Code @ 50% Off Promo Deal

The newest IM Coupons addition is at last here. Thank you for ready and for all of your support over the last couple weeks. We will let you know more details as they are launched. For the time being, full details in the url just below.

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Take advantage of the special Work Management Hacks for Creative Entrepreneurs discount code above and save yourself 50% off your subscription of Work Management Hacks for Creative Entrepreneurs by Melissa Ingold, Time Freedom Academy.

Remember that the special offer listed here is valid for a limited time only, and may expire at any time.

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I bet you're an incredibly talented and creative entrepreneur, and people love your work.

But you may feel like your business is messy and chaotic, and you know that it’s negatively effecting how you show up for your clients.

If this sounds like you, you'll love my brand new project kit called "Work Management Hacks for Creative Entrepreneurs" that will you get your business back on track.

And YES, you can use this kit with your own paying clients to create a VIP day or session, and more. See below for all the ways you can use it.

Your Step-by-Step Work Management Hacks Plan Covers All of This:

(And you'll get this in .doc format so you and your team can edit it, add to it, etc. and then use it as your team's standard operating procedures for management in your business.)

Getting Started

Marketing Strategy Overview

Timeline & Budget

Section One: Business & Lifestyle Goals

Step 1: Accurately Track My Current Time Management Routine

Step 2: Time Management Analysis and Summary

Step 3: Determine What I Actually Earn and What I need to Earn

Section Two: Get Clear on What You Do and Who You Work With

Step 4: Pre-qualifying My Ideal Client and Re-affirming My Boundaries

Step 5: Setting Boundaries and Amending Policies

Step 6: Outsourcing Tasks and Processes with a Negative ROI

Section Three: High Level Planning & Milestones

Step 7: Organizing My Year for Action and Implementation

Step 8: Reaching and Managing Milestones

Section Four: Daily Organization & Time Management

Step 9: Gatekeeping

Step 10: Time Blocking

Step 11: Anticipation, Prevention, and Synchronization

Step 12: Daily Maintenance

Plus, You'll Also Get All These Templates:

Business and Life Goals Template

Ideal Project Worksheet

Ideal Client Worksheet

Passion Project and Hobby Tracker

Client Criteria List Template

Energy Tracker Template

Ideal Client Avatar Template

Non-Billable Tasks Template

Life and Work Goals Contract

3-Client Response Email Series Templates

Daily Calendar

Weekly Calendar

Monthly Calendar

Annual Calendar

Client Criteria Checklist

Maintenance Essentials Checklist

AND... did you know that if you’re a coach, you can actually use this kit and get paid by your clients?

Click on the Work Management Hacks for Creative Entrepreneurs website link above for information about this item…

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