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Organic Gardening PLR COUPON Discount Code #> 50% Off Promo Deal

The latest IM Coupons update is finally here. Many thanks for waiting around and for all of your support throughout the last couple of weeks. We'll let you know more details as they are released. In the meantime, full details in the link listed below.

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Use the temporary Organic Gardening PLR promo code above and save yourself 50% off your purchase of Organic Gardening PLR by April Lemarr, Health Bloggers Academy.

Bear in mind that the special offer listed here is valid for a limited time only, and may expire at any time.

Just click the Red Banner Link you see above to reveal and copy your Organic Gardening PLR discount code and use it to get your discounted subscription.

*If the bargain given above has ended, simply use the search box just above to search for the most recently released available deals, discounts and bargains for this particular product.

Yesterday I went to the last Finance and Budget workshop class. It was definitely inspiring and I came home and created a family vision and then goals on how to reach them. Very exciting. :)

I'm not sure why, but during this workshop it dawned on me that I was making excuses why I wasn't working on my business. Over the last few weeks I've been working enough to maintain the business, but not grow it. I like to work in the morning, but wasn't making an effort to actually get up. Then I was telling myself that I don't work at my best in the evening. I'm very busy with life during the day. There isn't any getting around that - so I need to make a decision - get up earlier or work at night.

I created a schedule so I know how many hours I NEED to work a day. Today I decided to get up early, but if I sleep in - no more excuses! Nothing happens with excuses.

Organic Farm Fresh Food & Gardening PLR

Yesterday I gave you a 50% coupon on my Organic Farm Fresh Food and Gardening. This pack was created to help you get engagement and market your blog posts. So keep reading and I'll show you how. :)

Organic Farm Fresh Food & Gardening PLR - Coupon Code: organic (save 50%)

Here's what you'll get:

14 Blog Posts / Articles

14 Complementary Emails (approximately 110 words and these introduce the blog posts)

140 Social Media Blurbs (5 Facebook Posts and 5 Tweets for EACH blog post / article)

4 Product Reviews

2 Top 5 Tangible Product Lists

Here's how you can use the content to engage and market to your audience.

Step 1: Post an article on your site.

Step 2: Email your list with the complementary email letting them know about your new blog post.

Step 3: Take the Social Media Blurbs and put them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget the hashtags.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for all of the Social Media Blurbs that you get with this package. That is enough for the entire work week!

Writing the blog posts isn't enough - you've also got to get your audience to your site to read them. With this four step approach you'll be able to market your site for five days (or five posts!). You could make it three days or spread it out over ten.

A massive bundle of 140 social media blurbs to make your content go viral and drive traffic to your web properties. You absolutely need this!

The organic food industry is a billion dollar industry. So are the gardening and diet niches.

You'll need persuasive product reviews to get sales. You'll also need attractive images to make your site more captivating and social media content to drive even more traffic to your site.

All too often, marketers focus narrowly on one niche and end up running out of content ideas. Their blogs have no room to grow and slowly dry up due to a lack of fresh information.

Instead of focusing on one narrow niche, you need to build out your sites with content on closely related niches.

These are DEFINITELY winning niches... and they're big enough for you to get a slice of the pie!

14 Autoresponder emails that will introduce the blog post and lead your subscribers into your site. These emails will help you stay in constant contact with your subscribers.

Click on the Organic Gardening PLR site link shown above to get more details on this product…

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