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Our newest addition has recently been put onto the IM Coupons homepage. You've probably been anticipating this for quite some time, and so it truly is finally here. You'll find the complete entry available through the link just below. Have fun!

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Take advantage of the special Vegan Recipe PLR Archive Pack discount code above and get a special 54% off your purchase of Vegan Recipe PLR Archive Pack by Trish Lindemood,

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One of the best things about food content is that it is (mostly) evergreen. Of course, some recipes are seasonal or more dependent on hot trends, but for the most part... people are always looking online for delicious things to eat.

So, you post your best recipes and gorgeous food photos. Then, you share them on social media and with your email list before you promptly move on to the next item on your to-do list.

Now, some of those posts will find an audience right away, but many of them will not. So, they just kinda sit there and don't really do much to help build and grow your business.

So try this instead:

Make a quick list of all the topics your readers might be interested in. Better yet - ASK them via a survey (or in your emails or on social media) what they'd like to see from you.

Depending on your audience, here are a few ideas you might hear:

Quick & Easy Recipes

Meatless Meals

Regional Cuisine (Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, French, etc...)

Budget Recipes

Healthy Recipes

Popular Diet Trends: Whole30, Paleo, Ketogenic, etc...)

Slow Cooker Recipes

Freezer Cooking

Instant Pot Recipes

You get the idea. I use themes like these all the time to help organize new recipe packages and to make it easier for you to find what you need.

But here is the best part... Almost every single recipe on your site (or still sitting on your computer) falls under multiple categories. Maybe that meatless recipe can be made in under 30 minutes or it has only 5 ingredients. Or, it happens to be Whole30-compliant or doesn't require turning your oven on at all...

If you only use those recipes or food content once, you are leaving money on the table.

Once you start looking at your food content with a fresh set of eyes, you'll soon realize you have a TON of material you can pull together to create things truly original free opt-in offers, longer paid cookbooks or recipe collections, or even 30-Day Challenges to build your list.

Here is an example of this in action:

Based on many customer requests, I am currently working on a brand new Vegan Recipes PLR pack with original photos. (It will be available later this week).

In the meantime, I pulled together a special archive collection of previously released recipes on this theme. (Although the recipes were originally included in other packages, most have been modified to fit the vegan recipe guidelines for this package).

This archive package fills a definite need for customers who want a very specific type of recipe. They can get exactly what they need without paying for recipes they can't use. (Most of my packs include a variety of meat, poultry, seafood, and other animal products like eggs, cheese, dairy, etc...).

In other words, this archive pack fills an existing need my customers have specifically requested.

You can easily serve your own readers and customers by doing the exact same thing for them! To get started, just pick a theme and start organizing your existing content on your computer. :) From there, you can easily put together the kind of products your customers want.

You can see what's included in the Vegan Recipes PLR Archive Pack here...

Click on the Vegan Recipe PLR Archive Pack site link shown above for information about this product…

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