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CloudApp Pro DISCOUNT @ Lifetime Access $609 Off Promo Special Offer Deal

A brand-new addition was just placed to the IM Coupons daily offers category. You can check out the full features relating to this update by going to the website link below. Additional news just around the corner whenever time allows

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Take advantage of the special CloudApp Pro promo link above and save Lifetime Access $609 off your subscription of CloudApp Pro by

Bear in mind that the special offer above is available for a short time only, and may expire at any time.

Simply click on the Red Banner Link above and you will be brought to the CloudApp Pro promo page to get your limited-time only deal.

* Found this special has ended? Simply use the search textbox up above to discover the most recently released special offers obtainable for this item.

Explain product features 300% faster with GIFs

Turn any area of your screen into an animated GIF. GIFs are great for training, documentation, onboarding, and presentations.

Show workflows with video recordings and save hours

Record your screen to show or explain something. Use your voice to create a walkthrough. Add your face to be more personal.

Give and get quick feedback with annotated images

Use annotations, lines, arrows, and emoji to get your point across faster. Make your ideas stand out, and explain yourself more clearly.

Introducing CloudApp Screen Capture

CloudApp is an instant video and image sharing platform for professionals. CloudApp is the fastest way to capture and embed video, GIFs, screencasts and marked up images throughout business workflows (eg. software development, design, customer success, support, sales, marketing). CloudApp also make is super quick and easy to share with others, whether you are a freelance designer, web developer, software engineer, customer service professional, or a startup founder. Every file you create is safely and securely stored in the cloud, and accessible via our native Mac and Windows Apps, or shareable on the web through unique, secure and password protected short links.

A Powerful Screen Capture Solution for any Enterprise

CloudApp screen capture makes it easy to collaborate across multifunctional teams through visual communication. From the smallest business customer, to the largest enterprise client, CloudApp simplifies the way teams work together.

With CloudApp, teams save time by explaining a task visually. Save hours a day by simplifying how your explain and share. With HD screen recordings, videos, and GIFs, your team can quickly and easily respond to colleagues and customer queries by embedding visuals directly into productivity apps, collaboration tools, shared docs and even email.

Capture Anything with the CloudApp Snipping Tool

CloudApp is a lot more than just any free snipping tool. With every snip, CloudApp creates a customized, secure link that’s easy to share and to simple to edit. No more sensitive information getting caught in the wrong hands. Just snip, copy link and paste into an email - or into any other team communication platform like our favorite - Slack. If you want to add a password, the option is as simple as selecting setting ( next to copy link) right before you paste. When you download CloudApp, all snips are saved immediately to your desktop and web apps, so anything you want to “snip” is at your fingertips. No closing out of windows, no fumbling for a new screen. Just point, click and snip.

And more!

Click on the CloudApp Pro site link shown above for information on this product…

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