Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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Slide into 15,000 amazingly beautiful presentation templates

Forget trying to reinvent the wheel every time you present

Fun fact: Creating a PowerPoint takes no less than an entire day and all of your sanity. (Ok, that wasn't very fun.)

Creating PowerPoints is so time-consuming because 99% of the time we are starting from scratch and overthinking every little detail.

And let's face it, more time spent doesn't always mean a more clear, beautiful presentation.

Luckily for us, the folks at Slideshop are on a crusade to end the time consuming process that is creating presentations.

Slideshop offers a library of 15,000+ stunning PowerPoint templates to help you get your message across with clarity, personality, and precision.

And not only are these templates eye-catching, they can be edited with ease.

That means the next time your boss or a client asks for a presentation in a ridiculously short amount of time, you'll be able to knock it out of the park in minutes. (Did someone say promotion?)

Slideshop has presentation templates for PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides in categories such as business, planning, illustrations, taco charts, etc.

Even financial graphs look cool with Slideshop.

With Slideshop, you'll:

Save a ton of time. 15,000+ done-for-you powerpoint templates that just need you to add your words to them. That's it.

Keep your slides looking fresh. Slideshop always keeps your powerpoint game on point by adding new slides every week.

Be able to add your brand by whitelabeling everything. The only downside to this is that everyone will know you're a powerpoint ninja (be proud, ninja friend).

Have full rights to use for client projects. But, for all of you hustlers, know that you cannot resell templates as is.

”But waiiit! I've already got a powerpoint dealer and/or I'm pretty good at power point myself.”

That's great and all, but...

It doesn't matter one bit how good you are at power point.

If you respect your time, having go-to templates ready whenever you need them means you'll be able to finish projects that much faster.

Thus, freeing yourself up for more important things, like, talking smack about American healthcare on the internet.

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